Alibaba Cloud to build Livestream shopping platforms

Alibaba Cloud has offered to build Livestream shopping platforms for its global clients. Alibaba was one of the first to popularize the Livestream shopping experience. The Livestream shopping started in China in 2019. By the end of 2020, the model quickly gained 388 million shoppers. This number made a third of China’s internet users. The e-commerce giant now wants to use its expertise and capitalize on it as the model becomes popular outside China.

More details on the paid service of the Livestream shopping platform building

The company said that it plans to make use of its Livestreaming technologies to build Livestream shopping platforms of its own. The technologies include “distributed real-time video processing technology” and “uninterrupted signal transfer”. Moreover, this service includes real-time subtitle translation for cross-border Livestream, among many other features. It also offers Livestream replays, Livestream applications, and user interfaces.

According to a report, Alibaba’s Taobao is the biggest shareholder in the live-streaming market. Currently, it represents 69% of all the live streaming shoppers in China.

However, outside of China, businesses have started investing in Livestreaming shopping too. Walmart partnered with TicTok last December to have the pilot test of the Livestream shopping experience in the US on the video platform. Amazon had also launched its live platform in 2019, which allowed influencers to promote items and chat with potential customers.

Therefore, this can be seen as Alibaba trying to capitalize on the Livestream market by using and offering its expertise to other parts of the world. In a separate press release, the company said it will invest $1 billion to support startups and train new technical talents in the Asia-Pacific region over the next three years.

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