Boostlingo’s Explosive Growth: Technology Fuels Success

Immersive technology and language access firm Boostlingo is witnessing a significant growth trajectory. Key acquisitions and the beta launch of its AI product have been driving forces in the company’s expansion.

Boostlingo’s Impressive Growth Drive

Boostlingo’s growth was primarily driven by the acquisition of Boostlingo ii and Boostlingo Events, both of which experienced double-digit ARR growth. Also, an AI product was successfully beta-launched with over 1,000 registrations and 46% YOY net new customer logo growth. Merrie Wallace, Boostlingo’s Chief Revenue Officer, noted the growth is a result of dedicated account management and customer satisfaction efforts, as reflected in their Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 60.

Innovations Fueling Boostlingo’s Success

Boostlingo has built interpretation management technology specifically designed for language service providers. This technology allows providers to grow and scale their interpreting business. The company’s CEO, Bryan Forrester, emphasised their commitment to offering innovative technology enabling partners to keep up with the competitive landscape and seize new opportunities. Boostlingo’s AI solutions are expected to play an integral part in this vision.

Future Directions and Expansions for Boostlingo

Boostlingo continues to expand its product offerings into sectors impacted by language access laws. This includes healthcare and legal services where language access is crucial. Security remains a top priority, with recent milestones of achieving SOC 2 Type II compliance and the pursuit towards ISO certification. With the upcoming launch of Boostlingo AI Pro, the company plans to provide AI-translated captioning services to its customers.

Boostlingo has proven its place as a leading provider of language access solutions. Given the company’s impressive growth trajectory, innovative technology, and commitment to expanding into other sectors, Boostlingo is well-positioned for continued success in the coming years.

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