Cognizant Unleashes Flowsource, Redefining Software Engineering

A significant move was made by the tech powerhouse Cognizant as they announced the launch of an AI-enabled platform, Cognizant Flowsource. The platform is designed to revolutionize software engineering, integrating every stage of the development lifecycle and improving the quality, speed, and consistency of code generation.

Cognizant Unveils AI-Enabled Platform: Flowsource

Introducing the gen AI era, Cognizant announced an innovative platform called Flowsource, intending to fuel the next generation of software engineering. The platform incorporates digital tools to help cross-functional engineering teams work more efficiently and transparently. As market dynamics rapidly evolve, Flowsource emerges as a promising tool to conquer the complexity of technology estates, modernizing engineering processes and reducing legacy debt and costs.

How Flowsource Elevates Software Engineering

Flowsource provides a unified platform for software delivery stakeholders and the development community. It embeds gen AI-enabled tooling throughout the developer experience, significantly accelerating the work process. For instance, teams can now autonomously provision code with templates, automate testing and documentation, and speed coding processes with trained co-pilots. These features remove the need for repeatable, non-value work, allowing teams to focus on what matters most— creating high-quality code.

Flowsource’s Contribution to Responsible AI

Cognizant remains committed to maintaining high standards for responsible AI usage, focusing on safety, security, privacy, transparency, and inclusion. Flowsource also contributes to this mission of responsible AI. Beyond its productive enhancements, it provides better transparency into the organization’s software engineering ecosystem, which also accelerates strategy delivery and problem-solving. Furthermore, Flowsource serves as an extendable platform enabling the inclusion of third-party plugins for optimizing work processes.

To summarise, the launch of Cognizant Flowsource is set to trigger a significant shift in the software engineering landscape. Offering a generation AI-enabled tooling, it aims to simplify complex processes, promoting faster, high-quality code development. Beyond its practical use, it promises to improve transparency in software engineering and contributes to promoting responsible AI.

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