Globant Dives into Autonomous Robotics with New Studio Launch

Digital services giant Globant is launching a new Robotics Studio, marking the company’s dynamic expansion into the autonomous machines ecosystems. The new studio, backed by Globant’s expertise in AI and IoT, brings innovative solutions to the automated robot integration space.

Globant Steps into the Robotics Space

Presenting a significant shift in digital technology, this new robotics studio leverages IoT and AI to optimize and facilitate complex, repetitive or dangerous human tasks. With a vision to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, this initiative will automate large spaces and redefine existing operational boundaries.

The Services Offered Through Robotics Studio

The studio offers a multitude of services including RobOps to monitor and mitigate potential robotic system issues, Robotics Prototyping for the development of transformative experiences for autonomous robots, and Autonomous Machines powered by advanced computer vision and telemetry. All these services are designed to offer comprehensive end-to-end experiences and operations.

About Globant and its Digital Studio Network

The Robotics Studio further elevates Globant’s Digital Studio Network, consisting of its Immersive Experiences Studio, IoT Studio, and Blockchain Studio. Globant, known for its disruptive technologies, maintains the goal of propelling businesses to the forefront of digital innovation. It will continue to extend partnerships with global leaders resulting in constant adaptation and expansion in the digital landscape.

In conclusion, engaging with the cutting-edge robotic technology, Globant is ready to lead in autonomous machine systems through its newly launched Robotics Studio. It promises to facilitate and optimize complex tasks with the integration of RobOps, Robotics Prototyping, and Autonomous Machines services. This groundbreaking initiative exemplifies Globant’s versatile adaptation to the dynamic digital world, showcasing its commitment to bringing transformative digital experiences.

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