SquareX Unveils Game-Changing Bug Bounty Program

Singapore-based startup SquareX, specializing in consumer-focused cybersecurity, is set to launch an innovative Bug Bounty Program to ensure a secure user experience for its upcoming product. Before the product’s worldwide launch, SquareX invites hackers and security researchers to find security vulnerabilities and offers rewards for successful participants.

SquareX Aims to Improve Cybersecurity

Addressing the increasing cyber threats affecting Singapore and the world, SquareX is engineering a new cybersecurity product tailored to deal with current generation threats. Inspired by Singapore’s effort to promote cyber security awareness, SquareX aims to contribute to a safer digital environment for all users, especially as technology advances and cyber crime rates continue to rise.

Introducing the Bug Bounty Program

Unlike traditional companies, SquareX has chosen to launch its Bug Bounty Program before the product goes live. This strategic move allows them to have real-world battle-testing conducted by a global community of hackers, enhancing the product’s security. The program offers a total reward of up to $25,000 for discovered and reported vulnerabilities and will run from June 15, 2023 to July 27, 2023. SquareX’s team will review all submissions, provide feedback, and ultimately decide which submissions qualify for rewards.

Building Trust Through Collaboration

SquareX plans to reach out to leading universities, private colleges, and cybersecurity groups in Singapore to encourage participation in the Bug Bounty Program. By collaborating with the local community, the company aims to build a more secure product and establish trust with its users. SquareX’s commitment to cybersecurity and user protection is demonstrated through this unique approach to testing and refining its product before its official launch.

In conclusion, SquareX’s Bug Bounty Program is a bold and innovative step towards ensuring a more secure and reliable cybersecurity solution for users worldwide. By inviting the global community of hackers and security researchers to test its product, SquareX demonstrates its commitment to providing a truly robust and trustworthy service. This collaboration with the community is likely to inspire other organizations in Singapore and beyond to reaffirm their commitment to cybersecurity.

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