Virtusa Amplifies Digital Transformation with ITMAGINATION Acquisition

In a strategic move geared towards transformation and innovation, Virtusa Corporation has declared the procurement of ITMAGINATION Sp. z o.o. The former, a global pioneer in digital strategy and IT services, aims to bolster its digital transformation offerings and extend its nearshore delivery potential via this acquisition.

Virtusa Announces Acquisition of ITMAGINATION

Virtusa Corporation has publicly announced its acquisition of ITMAGINATION, a distinguished technology consultancy based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 2008, ITMAGINATION is renowned for effectively addressing complex business issues, creating a niche in innovative solutions, especially in the domains of digital transformation, cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The acquisition manifests Virtusa’s dedicated endeavor to heighten its digital transformation services.

Strengthened Capabilities with Nearshore Delivery

By acquiring ITMAGINATION, Virtusa sufficiently bolsters its capabilities to provide advanced nearshore delivery in Poland. The combination of Virtusa’s global delivery model and deep knowledge with ITMAGINATION’s technical excellence and strong local presence in Europe expects to offer superior value to clients accelerating their digital transformation.

Shared Vision for Digital Transformation

Both Virtusa and ITMAGINATION are driven by a parallel vision for digital transformation. Virtusa’s Engineering First approach aligns impeccably with ITMAGINATION’s mission to Accelerate Innovation. The partnership, leveraging top tech talent in Europe, aspires to streamline operations, solve tough business challenges, and bring about bold transformation for their clients.

In conclusion, Virtusa Corporation’s acquisition of ITMAGINATION is a strategic decision focused on expanding its digital transformation services and enhancing nearshore delivery capabilities. The synergy between the two companies’ visions presents a promising framework for client-centric innovation and technological advancement in the constantly evolving digital world.

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