2024 Prediction: U.S. Tech Workforce Primed for Robust Growth

CompTIA, a leading nonprofit association for the IT industry, anticipates a rebound in U.S. technology employment with a potential increase of more than 300,000 net new workers this year. This positive forecast, part of their “State of the Tech Workforce 2024” report, indicates a hopeful shift from the modest gains of 2023.

2024 Forecast: Brighter Outlook for U.S. Tech Employment

According to CompTIA’s annual report, the aggregate tech sector and tech occupation workforces may reach 9.9 million workers this year, marking a year-over-year gain of 3.1%. Notably, this sharp rise reverses the subtle increase of 1.2% observed in 2023. Both the industry and workforce sectors are primed for diversifying tech hub concentrations with twenty states and fourteen metro areas predicted to exceed the average growth rate.

Key Contributors to the Anticipated Tech Workforce Expansion

Extensions in the data science and data analyst category, cybersecurity, software development, UI/UX, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are expected to be growth drivers. Moreover, strong volume from core infrastructure roles in networking and cloud engineering, along with tech support positions, are set to offer numerous opportunities for people starting their career in technology.

New Additions in State of the Tech Workforce 2024 Report

The 2024 edition of the “State of the Tech Workforce” report brings new metrics to the fore. These include employer hiring activity, cost of living and relative earnings rankings, relative employment opportunity rankings, age cohort profiling, and updated tech industry and occupation definitions. This comprehensive database is shaping up to be a vital resource in tracking the evolution of the U.S. tech industry.

In conclusion, the promising forecast signals a resurgence in tech workforce growth in 2024. With diverse tech hubs emerging nationwide and roles in numerous tech sectors set to amplify, this anticipated surge presents an optimistic scenario for both the industry and aspiring tech professionals. Furthermore, the enriched “State of the Tech Workforce” report by CompTIA offers a comprehensive and insightful resource for examining the course of the tech industry in upcoming years.

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