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  • Jul- 2023 -
    20 July
    How Outsourcing Digital Services Can Boost Your Business Growth - The Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

    5 Summer Business Ideas That Are Surprisingly Snooze-worthy

    Summer business ideas that may not seem exciting, but can still bring in a profit.

  • 19 July
    Navigating the Digital Marketplace: Outsourcing 101 for Entrepreneurs - The Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses

    Yawn-Worthy Spring Startups: 5 Dull Business Ideas to Avoid

    Spring brings new beginnings, but not all startups are created equal. Here are 5 yawn-worthy business ideas to avoid.

  • Feb- 2023 -
    4 February
    Top Startup Events to Participate in 2023

    Top Startup Events to Participate in 2023

    Entrepreneurial life may have ups and downs, with entrepreneurs encountering a variety of obstacles. But in the startup environment, there is one thing you can always rely on community. People would just keep repeating the same mistakes if not for…

  • Dec- 2022 -
    17 December
    Cerebral top 10 USA startups 2023

    Top US Startups that will Keep on Shining in 2023

    A company’s beginnings and growth have always been challenging, but today more than ever. It’s becoming harder for new businesses to raise capital and expand swiftly as the working world navigates widespread inflation and economic instability. For the first time…

  • Sep- 2022 -
    21 September
    Edtech Startups 2022

    Rising Edtech Startups 2022 and Beyond

    The COVID-19 industry that has been most significantly impacted is education. Businesses continue to run online and from remote locations. The healthcare industry is operating as usual. However, among the most negatively impacted companies are educational institutions. Edtech startups have…

  • 17 September
    OWKIN AI Startups

    7 AI Startups In 2022 That Are Changing The Course Of Human Actions

    Startups in artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to disrupt a broad range of industries including application development, commerce, and even healthcare. By 2025, it is predicted that the AI market would increase to 126 billion US dollars. Today, since…

  • Jun- 2022 -
    8 June

    10 Myths Surrounding Apple Devices and Operating Systems

    It is not surprising to know that a highly successful and multi-billion-dollar company – Apple, has some myths about it. Since its name is tied to innovation, the rivals have developed some misconceptions to demean the reputation of these leading…

  • Nov- 2021 -
    15 November
    Top 5 German startups to watch in 2021

    Top 5 German startups in 2021

    Germany has a long history of excellence in terms of investment and innovation, this year is no different. So far this year German startups have raised a record €8.1bn from VC funds, even more than 2020. Despite its leadership Germany…

  • 8 November
    ITS 2021 awards

    ITS 2021 – Our top 3 K-Innovative Startups

    The 26th of last month we were lucky to be part of the 7 global medias attending the Innovative Talent Show (ITS) happening in Korea. Being the largest technological innovation exhibition in Korea, it was presenting SMEs that are innovative…

  • Oct- 2021 -
    30 October
    Top 5 startups in Latvia

    Top 5 startups in Latvia

    You might think that a country with less than 2 million people has little to offer in terms of innovation. Well, think again. Despite being small, Latvia has proven to be fertile ground for startups. Recently, the country managed to…

  • 28 October
    Top 5 startups in the UK

    Top 5 startups in the United Kingdom

    2020 was tough for everyone and everyone feared it would affect 2021 too. Countries like England had to endure multiple threats. The UK had to cope with the changes coming from Brexit as well as the challenges of the pandemic.…

  • 18 October
    Top 5 startups in Portugual

    Top 5 startups in Portugual

    Despite its small size and population Portugual is capable of big projects. You know how they say, big things start with small steps. The odds are in favor of Portugual as the country. Indeed, the country is doing a lot…

  • 12 October
    Top 5 startups in Poland

    Top 5 startups in Poland

    Despite European countires like Germany or Holland steal the spotlight to their neighbors, sometimes this cliché is disproved. When it comes to innovation, sometimes we have to recognize that the spotlight can shine somewhere else. Poland has had a massive…

  • 10 October
    Top 5 cool augmented reality apps

    Top 5 cool augmented reality applications

    We have already seen how augmented reality (AR) can impact our lives in the near future. However, a few of us know that it is not a future thing. Some AR applications are already up and running in the world.…

  • Sep- 2021 -
    27 September
    Top 5 websites to learn coding

    Top 5 websites to learn coding in 2021

    We are well aware that the job market will change dramatically due to the internet. This means that people will have to adapt. This does not only imply having a digital portfolio, but possessing a whole set of skills which…

  • 17 September
    remote work startups

    15 Remote work startups to watch for in Europe

    Distant work startups have attracted investments from distinguished traders. A distant jobs platform based in Portugal acquired $150m in its Sequence B funding spherical led by Accel.  To delve into more detail about the remote work startups, we have compiled the views…

  • May- 2021 -
    5 May
    Dott SeriesB Brussels CopyrightXavierHudsyn 13 mobility startups that will boom in 2021, according to VCs

    13 mobility startups that will boom in 2021, according to VCs

    European startups in the mobility space have been riding the SPAC wave. For example, car marketplace Cazoo, which listed on the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation of $7bn and air mobility startup Lilium, which recently announced it will list on…

  • Apr- 2021 -
    16 April
    top 10 Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2021

    Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2021

    Dozens of brilliant ideas are being converted into great startups every single day. And it doesn’t look like the popularity of startups will slow down any time soon, especially in 2021. But with so many startups popping up every day,…

  • Dec- 2020 -
    25 December
    5 things you should know about China

    5 things you should know about China

    Everybody thinks China is just the big dragon whose main features are already widely known. However, although many people think they got it pretty much all figured out, there are some curiosities definitely worth knowing. From China’s share of American…

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