A Startup’s Guide to Rewarding Its Employees: Why & How

Rewarding team members is an excellent way to boost your team’s confidence and improve their performance. Incorporating reward programs leads to customer engagement which results in higher retention and a positive workplace. here is a startup’s guide to rewarding Its employees for the sake of increased productivity.

startup rewarding employees

The article explains the reasons and benefits of reward programs and the potential ways to incorporate them into your organization. 

Why Rewards & Recognition? – A Startup’s Guide to Rewarding Its Employees

In the modern era, rewards and employee recognition are the top ways to motivate employees. Rewarding the successes and performances of employees with things they want will keep them driven to do better.

Recognition initiatives like employee recognition program focus on positives and send the workforce a message that what they are doing gets noticed and matters. 

recognizing employees

Such programs motivate employees to set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals and reach them with full dedication. Imagine how motivated your recognize employees will feel after getting an iPhone as a reward for their excellent performance.

While your stellar employee is busy learning the tips on how to get iOS 16 to make even more out of the new device, you can publish a shout-out on your social media page. 

Some common reasons why you must initiate a rewards program are as follows:

  • Appreciating employees
  • Motivating teams
  • Improving productivity with employee engagement
  • Encouraging competition
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Maintaining positivity in the workspace

Not only do reward programs establish collaboration between teams, but they enlighten your employee’s path to work toward something better. so, it act as tangible rewards for yourself and your team. When they know they are being appreciated for doing something right, they will try to do it again, with a better focus and dedication.

It will also encourage most employees to successful exit their job boredom and work with utmost dedication. When employee receives appreciation your chances of retaining the top talent increases manifold.

Your employees and team will start comparing their performances and strive to do better. It’s important to communicate one person’s success with the entire company to encourage others as appreciation leads to encouragement and motivation.

Employees want to work for organizations that value their hard work with tangible actions. Keep in mind that engaged and satisfied employees are more likely to stay for longer. 

How to Reward Employees in Your Organization?

Established companies often introduce new programs to pay their teams for their excellent work, but what about startups. In many cases, the startups do not have sufficient budget to reward their members for their performance.

For bootstrapped teams, financial rewards are not quite feasible at the moment but leverage might be given by managers to create soothin company culture. 

But for any employer, it is important to let the group or team member know that you recognize their work and appreciate them. So, here are some cost-efficient ways that startups can practice to reward their key employees for their hard work. 

Sharing Customer Reviews

How about sharing the real-life experience of your customers with your employees at the beginning of the team meetings? The biggest benefits are that you get customer reviews and use them as a token to reward your employees.

This approach works as your employees would rather want to hear how their hard work has positively impacted the client’s journey. 

However, to make this happen, first, you need to ask your customers for feedback or their experiences with your product or services. Customer reviews don’t cost you anything other than your valuable time in gathering them. Hence, this can be a great way to recognize your members. 

Sending Personalized Gifts

Being a startup, leadership must be dealing with budget constraints, but the good thing is that you have a small team that will only expand in the coming years. Retaining your employees is among the first few priorities for you, so appreciating them is important.

After all, they are putting in all their hard work by dedicating long hours so that you can achieve your dreams. 

Send them personalized gifts that you feel can be of great use in their daily lives. For example, a monthly subscription to a book if the employee is an avid reader.

Knowing your hired employees at a personal level will help you pick the right gift personalized to their liking. This gesture can result in increased contributions in the future. 

Offering Increased Benefits 

Some of your stellar employees may appreciate additional benefits more than a personalized gift. Things that give your employees more ease and comfort while performing their day-to-day duties will be beneficial. When you offer flexibility to your employees, they perform their job better, which results in elevated growth statistics. 

creating motivation efforts

So, you can give your employees more flexibility or more time off. For example, you can allow your best-performing employees two short leaves a month where they can leave the office a couple of hours early.

Other than that, you can give them the comfort of working from anywhere. Offering advanced tech training sessions to upskill your employees is another best way to reward them. It is so imperative for long term success.


Startups can spend some time developing programs that reward employees at a low cost. Your employees are looking for appreciation. Most of the time, a positive word of mouth is more valuable than a custom gift. The employees feel more appreciated and rewarded for their hard work and dedication. 

When incorporated successfully, your rewards program will encourage and retain the employees, contribute to the success and bring more growth to the company.


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