AI-Powered Proctormatic Ensures Unmatched Exam Integrity

In an exciting development, EDINT has unveiled Proctormatic, a revolutionary AI-powered proctoring service designed to ensure the integrity of online exams. This announcement came during ISTELive 24 in Colorado, one of the world’s premier edtech events.

Introduction to Proctormatic: A New Era in Online Proctoring

Proctormatic offers a visionary approach to online exam proctoring. This innovative service operates with a fully automated system, eliminating the need for live monitoring. With a 99% accuracy rate in detecting cheaters, Proctormatic is poised to set a new benchmark in exam integrity. Students need only download the app, place their devices beside them, and begin recording their exam sessions.

Key Benefits: Security, Efficiency, and Ease of Use

Proctormatic is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring it is beneficial for both students and educators. Key benefits include:

  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and operation for everyone involved.
  • Time Efficiency: Automated reports are delivered within 24 hours, saving teachers valuable time.
  • Enhanced Security: High accuracy in detecting cheating, ensuring the fairness of exams.
  • Scalability: Suitable for institutions of all sizes, from small virtual schools to large universities.

Expand Your Horizons: Proctormatic’s Global Reach

Currently, Proctormatic is already in collaboration with 15 universities in Korea. EDINT aims to expand its reach globally, particularly targeting Learning Management Systems (LMS), virtual schools, and e-learning providers. By integrating Proctormatic, educational organizations can offer a seamless and secure exam proctoring solution, freeing teachers from the burden of real-time monitoring.

In summary, EDINT’s Proctormatic promises an innovative, secure, and efficient solution for online exam proctoring. Its global expansion signifies a new era in educational technologies. Witnessing its capabilities firsthand at ISTELive 24 could be the first step in transforming how institutions manage and conduct exams.

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