AION Labs Revolutionary AI-Powered Drug Discovery to Transform Pharma R&D

AION Labs and BioMed X are collaborating to launch a new startup project that focuses on identifying naturally occurring protein of interest-E3 ligase interacting pairs that can work together under specific conditions in specific parts of the body. These pairs can then be targeted to develop molecular glues.

A New Startup: Call for Applications

The fifth innovation lab startup of AION Labs is focusing on developing an AI platform that can precisely identify protein pairs working together in specific parts of the body. This project is meant to transform the process of drug discovery and development to enhance the health and wellbeing of people worldwide. AION Labs is issuing a global call for applications to identify talented technological and biomedical scientists and inventors to form a new startup at the company’s Rehovot, Israel headquarters in 2023.

The innovation lab is seeking startups, computational biologists, bioinformatics, AI and machine learning professionals, and proteomics scientists to develop a next-generation computational platform for this project. AION Labs is looking for original ideas beyond the current state-of-the-art to develop cutting-edge computational solutions

Development of AI Platform for Protein Identification in Pharma R&D

The startup in this project will also focus on modelling the 3D structure of the protein pair complex to enable small molecule design. Dr. Yair Benita, the Chief Technology Officer of AION Labs, said the company is eager to take on yet another pharmaceutical R&D challenge following the successful launch of four great startup founders for AION Labs in 2022. According to Dr. Benita, the company is anticipating another strong round of applications and looks forward to working with a chosen startup to identify and target proteins that were so far considered to be undruggable.

Innovative Venture Hub: AION Labs’ Unique Approach to Drug Discovery

AION Labs is a unique alliance of Astrazeneca, Merck, Pfizer, Teva, the Israel Biotech Fund and Amazon Web Services, powered by BioMed X. The Israeli government supports AION Labs via the Israel Innovation Authority and Digital Israel Initiative. The innovation lab is a venture hub where innovative and scientist-founders meet worldwide to tackle the most significant R&D challenges in Pharma. The lab leverages the ingenuity, agility, and innovative power of Israel’s start-up ecosystem and partners’ wealth of knowledge, accumulated experience, and data in pharma.


The biotech industry is rapidly transforming due to computational science and AI technologies. AION Labs and BioMed X’s startup project will contribute to the changing biotech industry and revolutionize protein identification and drug discovery. Interested candidates have until May 7, 2023, to submit their project proposals via the BioMed X Career Space, and further details about the application process can be found on AION Labs’ website.

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