AiRISTA Launches Powerful Sofia 7.2 RTLS Platform Upgrade

AiRISTA has introduced Sofia 7.2, a powerful upgrade to their real-time location services (RTLS) platform. This next-generation platform is designed to improve workflows and integrate advanced features for the AI-capable IoT world.

New Features of AiRISTA’s Sofia 7.2 RTLS Platform

Sofia 7.2 brings a suite of new features aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. Users can now provide custom descriptions for assets using freeform text. The platform also supports advanced asset management with user-definable statuses like “out of service” to trigger specific workflows. Integration with external workflow triggers is smoother with options like MQTT, API, and HTTP, and a new global search utility adds robust filtering and customization options.

Enhancements for Asset and Temperature Management

Sofia 7.2 supports new RTLS devices, including BLE-only tags intended for lower-value assets, some of which are disposable. Enhancements to existing infrastructure, like the G3 gateway, now support not only BLE beaconing but also act as a Wi-Fi gateway bridging wireless networks. Additionally, the new temperature monitoring functions aid in regulatory compliance by centralizing calibration details and requiring human inspection of temperature logs.

Migration Tools and AI Capabilities in Sofia 7.2

To facilitate the shift from Vision software, AiRISTA has developed tools to automate data migration to Sofia. These tools migrate both base and historical data, ensuring a seamless transition. At its core, Sofia 7.2 features a streaming broker-based architecture that is AI-friendly. Combined with the upcoming Flow Studio low-code development environment, this architecture allows for creating custom workflows that leverage AI modules and external integrations.

In summary, AiRISTA Sofia 7.2 extends the RTLS platform’s robust capabilities to streamline workflows, asset management, and regulatory compliance. With advanced integration features and AI-readiness, Sofia 7.2 is poised to improve business processes significantly. Users transitioning from Vision software will find seamless migration support. Explore more and elevate your RTLS capabilities with Sofia 7.2.

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