Alithya Unveils Connected Mirrors, Bolstering Independence for Special Needs Youths

Alithya Group Inc. has recently teamed up with Les Petits Rois Foundation to unveil a new SMART house in Montreal. The house aims to assist young adults with special needs using pioneering technology. Alithya has developed connected mirrors to aid residents with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders in achieving daily tasks, fostering a higher degree of independence.

Alithya and Les Petits Rois inaugurate the SMART House

The SMART house is equipped with Alithya’s ‘connected mirrors’ in its kitchen and bathrooms. These unique mirrors are designed to guide residents through everyday tasks. Alithya professionals have developed an Android-based app integrated into the mirrors, assisting the residents in keeping track of their task management routine. The purpose-designed mirrors serve as an assistive tool, reminding the user of the right task at the right time.

Fostering Independence with Connected Mirrors

The mirrors’ displays can help the residents with a range of tasks – from pouring a bowl of cereal to personal hygiene routines, providing them a sense of independence. Designed in partnership with university researchers and clinical professionals, the mirrors offer static visual instructions for basic tasks. Moreover, users can click or drag elements on the display to move between assigned activities, ensuring the task at hand has been completed before moving on.

Empowering Caregivers through Alithya’s Innovative Technology

The connected mirrors are also highly beneficial for caregivers. Caregivers can set time expectations and access reports regarding task completion. Such data are expected to contribute to improved autonomy, self-determination, and a sense of accomplishment for young adults residing in the SMART house. On the administration side, Alithya’s solution offers a user-friendly panel that enables customization of visual appearance and interface configurations for different users and tasks.

Alithya’s involvement with Les Petits Rois Foundation exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to make a real difference in people’s lives. The connected mirror technology has transformed the SMART house into a nurturing environment, improving the autonomy of young adults with special needs. It’s a positive stride towards supporting young adults to lead more independent lives while empowering caregivers in managing their day-to-day tasks.

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