Bairong Inc. Amplifies Productivity with Potent AI

In a new development, Bairong Inc., a leading player in the AI technology services sector, has shed light on how its AI and big data technology are driving transformation across a myriad of industries. The company’s unique approach is causing ripples in the global market.

Transforming Production with Bairong’s AI

Felix Zhang of Bairong Inc. has shared some insights on how AI advancements are influencing production processes. According to Zhang, Bairong’s AI technology is predominantly being employed in the financial sector to combat risks such as loan fraud and to boost revenues through enriched customer engagement. The company’s machine learning and big data technologies prove to be useful in delineating customer risks and values, thereby, streamlining Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Product (KYP) processes.

Bairong’s Versatility in Diverse Industries

Interestingly, Bairong also caters to both domestic and overseas markets, with different approaches to each. While Chinese clients lean towards the cost-effectiveness of hardware and revenue sharing, overseas clients are more likely to pay for cutting-edge technology. Bairong is reportedly collaborating with over 7,000 commercial institutions including a staggering 5,000 financial institutions and more than 2,000 non-financial entities. Prominently, Bairong’s in-house developed Voice GPT service handles up to 30 million calls daily, enabling institutions to achieve their core KPI.

The Role of Vertical Scenario Models in AI

Zhang highlighted the importance of vertical scenario models in AI. These models need to fulfill diverse requirements, including reducing computing power costs and enhancing response speed. As a solution, Bairong focuses on maintaining smaller parameter sizes, comprehending customer intent accurately, and establishing a seamless loop cycle for data iteration.

In conclusion, Bairong Inc. is pushing boundaries with its AI technology, providing vital services across various industries and profoundly transforming their operational processes. The vertical scenario model’s viability in particular is promising as it proves to be cost-effective and efficient, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to leveraging AI and big data technology.

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