Bandwidth Inc. Celebrates Text Messaging Innovation with ‘The Texties’ Awards

Bandwidth Inc., a global enterprise cloud communications company, has launched ‘The Texties’ – an awards program that recognizes the top uses of business text messaging among its customers. The program champions innovation in business messaging and showcases its profound impact on customer engagement.

Bandwidth Inc. Launches ‘The Texties’ Awards

The Texties is open to Bandwidth’s customers who are using text messaging in unique and impactful ways. From empowering patients to manage appointments via text at a doctor’s office to a security camera notifying its owner of a package delivery through a text message, The Texties aims to highlight and celebrate such poignant use cases. Winners will be announced on May 9 in a special ceremony on LinkedIn Live.

Celebrating Innovative Business Messaging

This award program aligns seamlessly with Bandwidth’s commitment to fostering customer success and growth through text messaging. Bandwidth’s messaging platform serves a diverse customer base, including startups and weighty, high-volume e-commerce players. The Texties will serve as a reflection of the brand’s dynamic and scalable messaging platform and its ability to forge meaningful connections between businesses and end users.

The Impact of Text Messaging on Customer Engagement

Text messaging, as per Bandwidth’s 2024 State of Messaging Report, boasts a prodigious 98 percent open rate, a swift three-minute average response time, and a notable 46 percent click-through rate. Moreover, the company’s report includes countless examples of innovative business messaging, further cementing the indispensable role of text in bolstering customer engagement.

In conclusion, Bandwidth’s newly introduced awards program, The Texties, is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to championing innovation in business messaging. Through celebrating unique and influential text messaging use cases, the company further underpins the significance of text as a foremost tool for customer engagement. The Texties will undoubtedly boost Bandwidth’s established reputation as a leading provider of effective tools and solutions in the dynamic realm of global business communications.

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