Basware Unleashes AskMary, an AI Game-Changer in Customer Support

Global leader in accounts payable automation and e-invoicing, Basware partners with Microsoft and Zure, to launch a new generative AI tool – AskMary. This collaboration innovatively employs Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI ChatGPT, aiming to revolutionize the speed and precision of Basware’s customer service responses.

Basware Teams Up with Microsoft and Zure for AskMary

The AI tool, AskMary is geared at bolstering Basware’s customer support function. The collaboration enfolds Basware’s AI capabilities with the proficient ChatGPT technology housed within Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service. This seamless integration ensures utmost customer data security while expanding Basware’s AI-driven customer support solutions within its Microsoft Azure environment.

Enhancing Customer Support with AskMary’s AI Integration

AskMary is designed to address complex customer inquiries in financial management, offering quick, stress-free, and effective problem resolutions. Unlike typical AI assistants, AskMary requires human input to construct customer responses which are then refined and sent by Basware’s support team. This promotes human-led support, enhancing the quality of customer interaction while retaining data security.

AskMary’s Impact and the Future of AI in Basware

Increasing efficiency and reliability within Basware’s support function, AskMary provides comprehensive and reliable solutions to complex queries. With the successful implementation of AskMary, Basware envisions a future of further AI-powered solutions that aim to streamline support functions, keeping customers satisfied with minimal support intervention.

In conclusion, Basware’s AskMary marks a significant shift in customer support, affirming a blend of AI innovation and human-led support. Augmenting efficiency, data security, and support reliability, AskMary embodies Basware’s commitment to harnessing AI technology for improving customer experience. Embarking on an exciting journey, Basware’s collaboration with Microsoft and Zure sets a new standard for AI in customer service.

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