Beatbot Unleashes Spectacular AI-Powered Pool Cleaning at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Beatbot, a leading brand in the global pool robotics industry, unveiled its next big thing: the Beatbot AquaSense Pro. This AI-powered robotic pool cleaner is set to revolutionize how we maintain our pools, making the tedious task of pool cleaning a thing of the past. Beatbot promises superior performance, intelligent features, and unsurpassed convenience, rendering past technologies obsolete.

Introducing Beatbot AquaSense Pro: Redefining Smart Pool Cleaning

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro promises to reshape the pool cleaning industry with its intelligent design. Unlike traditional pool cleaners, AquaSense Pro incorporates advanced AI and modern improvements. Founder and CEO of Beatbot, Siler Wang, mentioned that this is the first robot to bring intelligent decision making to pool cleaning, overcoming previous limitations of pool cleaning robots. Moreover, the AquaSense Pro model is a fully cordless device, liberating it from the common issues associated with power cords and tangles.

Unique Features and Top-Notch Performance of Beatbot AquaSense Pro

The game-changing Beatbot AquaSense Pro houses 20 smart sensors, 9 motors, 4 brushes, and 2 filters. It features the industry’s first NonaDrive™ 9 Motor System and ultra-fine filtration up to 150 µm, capturing debris of all sizes. What sets Beatbot AquaSense Pro apart is its path optimization software which helps it avoid obstacles and missed spots while cleaning, providing 100% pool coverage. Additionally, it is fitted with a 10,000mAh lithium battery, promising up to 9.5 hours of running time on a single charge.

Pricing, Availability, and The Future of Pool Cleaning with Beatbot

Currently, Beatbot AquaSense Pro is available for pre-order on the official website at a price of $2199 with special pre-order pricing available for US buyers. Beatbot anticipates that its smart, cordless, and power-packed Beatbot AquaSense Pro will not only change the pool cleaning game but will set a new standard for future pool-cleaning robots worldwide. The company plans to continue innovating in the field, enhancing pool care experiences for users around the globe.

In summary, Beatbot’s new launch, Beatbot AquaSense Pro, is a revolutionary step forward in pool cleaning technology. With its unique AI-powered features and cordless design, it brings unprecedented intelligence and user-friendly design to the industry. As the world embraces smarter, more efficient ways to handle everyday tasks, products like Beatbot AquaSense Pro prove just how transformative technology can be.

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