Beijing E-town: A Thriving Symbol of China-France Alliance

The symbiotic relationship between France and China has found a dynamic expression in Beijing E-town, an industrial hub that is home to several French capital and businesses. The ongoing China-France industrial cultural exchange week became the platform to celebrate three decades of this relationship.

A Milestone Celebration of China-France Friendship in Beijing E-town

Beijing E-town’s journey as a beacon of the China-France alliance began with the establishment of Beijing Zhongcai Printing Co., Ltd., a joint venture in 1993. Over the years, the flourishing site has magnetized several French businesses like Schneider Electric and Air Liquide, marking significant milestones in the France-China strategic partnership. The importance of this alliance was emphasized by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the French government’s special representative for China affairs in his congratulatory message at the event.

Recognition for French Enterprises Contributing to Beijing E-town’s Growth

The launch event recognized the pivotal role of French-funded enterprises in Beijing E-town’s development. Nine companies including Schneider Electric and Sanofi were awarded the Beijing E-town Development Partner medal. In addition, 16 executives from foreign-funded enterprises received the “Honorary Resident” medal, affirming their significant contributions to fostering economic growth in the region.

Evolving Cooperation: Upcoming Initiatives in Beijing E-town for 2024

Beijing E-town, with its host of foreign-invested enterprises, aims to tap into the enormous potential for cooperation between China and France in industry. It plans to conduct multiple events such as the “Discover the Town of Innovation” tour to strengthen exchanges and mutual understanding between the countries. In 2024, Beijing E-town will continue to implement the “2+X” policy system to support foreign investment, ushering in a new era of high-quality cooperation between China and France.

In conclusion, the role of French influence is deeply interwoven in the fabric of Beijing E-town’s success. As 2024 approaches, this powerful alliance is set to unlock new avenues for cooperation and augment Beijing E-town’s role as the bridge between China and France.

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