Bitrue Scores First, Innovatively Lists Pacmoon Token

Bitrue, a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for innovation, has again made headlines for becoming the first exchange to list Pacmoon. This article will delve into this development, covering the unique features of Pacmoon and the Blast Network, as well as Bitrue’s commitment to innovation.

Bitrue, First Exchange to List Pacmoon

Bitrue has made a significant move by becoming the first to support the Blast layer 2 network. Consequently, they’re the first to list Pacmoon, a popular community token. The exchange has already begun accepting deposits for Pacmoon with spot trading of the PAC/USDT pair commencing almost immediately. Withdrawals will soon follow. To mark this remarkable event, Bitrue is offering zero trading fees for a week.

Unique Features of Pacmoon and Blast Network

Pacmoon is a community-centric memecoin, earning fame via its unique virality-based tokenomics. With this novel approach, users earn tokens by promoting it on Twitter. This strategy incentivizes community members to create engaging content, thus enhancing its popularity. Pacmoon operates on the Blast network using Ethereum as its base. This layer 2 network offers native yields for Ethereum and certain stablecoins, boasting over $3 billion of TVL as of June 2024.

Bitrue Ventures and Its Commitment to Innovation

Bitrue has a proven history of innovation, recently becoming the first to list RUNE tokens built on the Bitcoin network. The company now extends its innovative streak with the launch of Bitrue Ventures. This new subdivision focuses on identifying and incubating nascent web3 projects to introduce novel tokens to the market. Many such projects have been appraised for suitability and Bitrue Ventures will soon be announcing its first partnerships.

Displaying an unwavering commitment to innovation and user choice, Bitrue continues to lead the way in the digital exchange space. The platform’s recent decisions to support the Blast network and list Pacmoon, along with the initiation of Bitrue Ventures, underscore this commitment. With such impressive steps towards fostering the digital economy, Bitrue is indeed a key player in the cryptocurrency sector.

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