Blues and 1NCE Join Forces to Propel Global IoT Reach

In an exciting collaboration forged to further extend the reach of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions globally, Blues, the maker of effortless IoT solutions, has announced a partnership with software company 1NCE. This unique associate signals the expansion of the IoT sphere of influence to a worldwide scale. The partnership leverages fine-tuned technological innovation to improve business operations, decrease costs, and reduce the time-to-market of IoT products.

Blues and 1NCE Forge IoT Coverage Partnership

With both companies renowned for offering global, lifetime coverage for IoT devices, the partnership is an industry game-changer. 1NCE, a leading global IoT connectivity provider, enables Blues’ Notecard, a wireless IoT module, to augment its coverage. Enterprise customers, as a direct benefit, can now deploy IoT connected products on an ever-wider global scale. As Jim Hassman, Blues’ President and CRO, reveals, the partnership allows for greater support of customer’s IoT coverage, bolstering their testing and product deployments worldwide.

Expanding Global IoT Coverage with Notecard

Blues’ Notecard stands out as an affordably connected IoT solution that routes data from a customer’s products to their cloud application of choice. The addendum of 1NCE’s coverage to the already extensive reach of Blues’ Notecard encapsulates over 158 countries. With the bonus of seamless integrations, failovers, and low code engineer developer experience, the product reaches a broader and hitherto underserved audience.

The Impact of the Blues and 1NCE Collaboration

This synergy between the two powerhouses is expected to cause ripples across the industry. The blend of Blues’ robust IoT solutions and 1NCE’s exceptional connectivity providing capabilities mean that global connectivity can be bundled upfront and included in a customer’s device. Thus, unlocking hassle-free, seamless accessibility for innovators around the globe.

In summarizing, the partnership between Blues and 1NCE marks an important milestone in expanding the IoT footprint worldwide. This combo of Blues’ forward-thinking IoT solutions and 1NCE’s global connectivity offerings creates an unprecedented framework for cloud-connecting physical products at scale. The result is a more innovative, reliable, and easily accessible IoT ecosystem bringing greater operational efficiency and new revenue streams for businesses.

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