Boosting Malaysia’s Tech Landscape: Mah Sing Launches Agile Data Centre Hub

In a monumental move for Malaysia’s digital transformation, Mah Sing Group Berhad, a leading developer, collaborates with Bridge Data Centres (BDC) to launch their new data centre facility, Mah Sing DC Hub@Southville City. The state-of-the-art digital infrastructure ecosystem is designed to cater to the needs of AI, hyperscale, retail, and enterprise service providers.

Grand Launch of Mah Sing DC Hub@Southville City

Kicking off the partnership, Mah Sing and BDC have invested in a data centre on an initial 17.55 acres of land, marking the first step in Mah Sing’s venture into the data centre sector. With a capacity of up to 500MW, the DC Hub trails the path, prepping for future expansion and attracting diverse clientele, including tech corporations and telecommunication giants.

Strategic Partnership Between Mah Sing and Bridge Data Centres

This game-changing partnership is a part of Mah Sing’s concerted effort to enhance Malaysia’s digital infrastructure and drive technological innovation. Apart from supporting cutting-edge applications like AI computation and data storage, it also aims at expanding the recurring income, crucial to a resilient financial foundation amidst market fluctuations.

Southville City: Malaysia’s New Data Centre Destination

Southville City is primed to become a preferred destination for data centres. Located in the Knowledge Hub of Selangor, Southville City offers excellent connectivity and is poised to become a hub for high-tech infrastructure. The locational advantage is only magnified by the 20km proximity to the existing data centre hubs of both Cyberjaya and Bukit Jalil.

In conclusion, this new joint venture indicates a considerable leap in Malaysia’s digital era, reflecting the nation’s strategic push for a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. The establishment of Mah Sing DC Hub@Southville City not only fosters innovation and creates economic opportunities but it also sets the stage for Malaysia as the digital hub of ASEAN.

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