Bridging Gender Gap: Hackathon Celebrates Women in Tech

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, NTT DATA, a leader in global digital business and IT services, and NLB Services, a global technology, and digital talent solutions provider, have launched the third edition of their annual ‘Bridge The Gap’ Hackathon. The month-long programming challenge aims to confront the gender gap in the information technology sector.

Bridge The Gap Hackathon Tackles Gender Disparity

The primary goal of the ‘Bridge The Gap’ Hackathon seeks to recognize and encourage women in technology. The event, which commences today and runs until April 12, 2024, offers both Java and .NET developers a platform to display their prowess via a coding contest. The findings of a report by NTT DATA and NLB highlighted that gender diversity can lead to better business performance and talent acquisition, with 58% of employers endorsing this view. Additionally, about 31% of employers are keen to launch programs that attract women resuming their careers after a break.

The Role of Women in Technology’s Future

The ‘Bridge The Gap’ Hackathon goes further than just being a platform to display technological aptitude. It serves as a powerful testament to the commitment of both NTT DATA and NLB Services towards promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within their workplaces. Beyond this, women are also being called upon to use this platform to explore untapped tech territories, enhance their skills, develop their creative capabilities, and envision a future where they are the key drivers in shaping the landscape of technology.

Participation and Registration Details for the Hackathon

Interested participants now have the ability to register for the ‘Bridge the Gap’ Hackathon using an online registration platform. NLB Services will also facilitate top IT and tech companies in India, including NTT DATA, to interview eligible participants and potentially offer them exciting career opportunities.

In conclusion, the ‘Bridge The Gap’ Hackathon is more than just an annual event. It represents a compelling initiative that continues to champion the cause for gender diversity in the information technology sector. With its focus on exploring the underused talent pool of women in technology, this platform serves to disrupt biases and fuel innovation for a promising future.

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