Bridging the Gap: Asisat Oshoala’s Fight Against the Usage Gap

In an effort to bring attention to a global issue affecting billions, Nigerian soccer star and founder of the Asisat Oshoala Foundation, Asisat Oshoala, has taken on a new role as the GSMA’s ambassador for the Breaking Barriers campaign. The focus point of this campaign is the so-called ‘Usage Gap’. This is an issue besetting 3 billion people who, despite being within an area having mobile coverage, aren’t utilizing these resources.

Asisat Oshoala Addresses the Usage Gap

During the MWC Barcelona 2024, Asisat Oshoala took the stage to highlight the Usage Gap. According to her, despite improvements in mobile infrastructure and a coverage reaching 95% of the world’s population, a large number of people aren’t utilizing these resources. In fact, 38% of the global population fall into this category.

Implication of the Usage Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa

The problem is even more pronounced in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the Usage Gap spikes up to 59%. Lack of digital literacy and skills remain the main barriers preventing citizens from making effective use of available mobile internet. Oshoala has witnessed the effects of the Usage Gap first hand and is now using her Foundation to encourage the digital literacy of young individuals.

Collective Efforts to Close the Usage Gap

However, individual efforts alone won’t solve the problem. Oshoala’s message is clear: governments worldwide need to prioritize digital inclusion and collaborate with the telecoms industry to help more people gain access to the internet. Lara Dewar, the GSMA’s Chief Marketing Officer, echoes this, emphasizing the necessity of collaborative action if the barriers to connectivity are to be demolished.

In conclusion, the spotlight is now on the Usage Gap — an issue that compounds the problem of digital inclusion and literacy. With the efforts of individuals like Asisat Oshoala and organizations like the GSMA, there is hope to close the gap and make internet access universal. Policymakers and industry players will need to unite, turning this hope into a reality.

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