Cambium Networks’ PMP 450v: Boosts Performance with FCC Approval

Cambium Networks has achieved a milestone with the full FCC certification of its PMP 450v Fixed Wireless Access Point and Subscriber Module. This certification enhances its advanced connectivity solutions in the 6 GHz spectrum. It promises better performance and flexibility for service providers, enterprises, and industrial network operators.

Key Features and Benefits of the PMP 450v

The PMP 450v stands out with several powerful features and benefits. This includes backward and forward compatibility, protecting existing investments while delivering next-generation technology. The 4×4 MIMO Access Point allows enhanced performance and multi-sector mode, supporting both 5 GHz and 6 GHz carriers.

Another significant feature is carrier aggregation, which offers flexibility in spectrum usage. Network operators can adapt to varying congestion levels in both frequency bands. The PMP 450v also supports up to 1.2 Gbps capacity with latencies as low as 3–5 ms, making it ideal for business and residential connectivity.

Industry Impact of FCC Certification

The FCC certification of the PMP 450v underscores Cambium Networks’ commitment to advancing wireless broadband technology. This certification ensures compliance with regulatory standards, providing a reliable solution for expanding network capabilities. It asserts Cambium’s ongoing dedication to innovation in connectivity solutions.

“Cambium Networks’ PMP 450v is a game-changer for network operators looking to maximize their spectrum resources while maintaining exceptional performance,” said Morgan Kurk, President and CEO of Cambium Networks.

Simplified Automated Frequency Coordination

The PMP 450v leverages Qualcomm Technologies’ turnkey Automated Frequency Coordination Suite to simplify the coordination process. With the AFC interface built into the radio, service providers can use the AFC service seamlessly, at no extra charge. This makes the process transparent and hassle-free for providers.

Moreover, Cambium offers tools like LINKPlanner and a stand-alone 6 GHz Spectrum Availability Tool. These tools provide essential information on the available channels and power limits before purchasing radio equipment. This enables network operators to plan their deployments effectively.

In summary, Cambium Networks’ PMP 450v’s full FCC certification marks a significant advancement in wireless broadband technology. Its impressive features and simplified frequency coordination make it a valuable asset for network operators. This achievement highlights Cambium’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable connectivity solutions.

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