CDNetworks Amplifies Cyber Defense with Global Scrubbing Centers Expansion

CDNetworks, the APAC-leading service provider, has recently expanded its network of global scrubbing centers. This aims to improve organizations’ resilience, boost availability, and secure their digital experience, especially combating DDoS attacks and complicated compliance concerns. The expansion indicates CDNetworks’ commitment to fighting surging cyber threats and meeting global computer security regulatory standards.

CDNetworks Expands Global Scrubbing Centers Network

In 2023, CDNetworks rapidly increased its global network of scrubbing centers to exceed a capacity of 15 Tbps. In response to the rise of DDoS attacks and more complex compliance issues, CDNetworks’ scrubbing services expansion offers real-time solutions to help organizations combat these threats. This proves especially beneficial in emerging markets including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Role of Local Scrubbing Centers in DDoS Protection

As DDoS attack methods evolve, the importance of local scrubbing centers becomes increasingly prominent. These serve as crucial safeguards, curtailing malicious traffic without allowing data outside a country of origin. This approach bolsters an organization’s protection capacities and also meets compliance requirements. CDNetworks continues expansion plans for local scrubbing centers in South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

CDNetworks’ Notable DDoS Mitigation Achievements

Over the years, CDNetworks has demonstrated proficiency in defending against sophisticated cyberattacks. In the gaming industry, for instance, its expertise in handling frequent DDoS assaults was showcased when it repelled attacks in TB level. They have also successfully safeguarded a multinational corporation from a massive DDoS attack in 2022.

In summary, CDNetworks’ growth in worldwide scrubbing centers marks its dedication to global digital security, as DDoS attacks become more prevalent and complex. Through its local scrubbing centers, CDNetworks offers organizations a two-fold cybersecurity solution: strengthening protection capabilities and satisfying compliance regulations, all without compromising latency and user experience.

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