ChatGPT: How to make your work life easier 101

So, in an effort to align your startup business with the modern day and age, you have decided to enlist the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT. Arguably an intimidating step, as the commonplace fears of replacement by means of superior technology plague most of us inevitably.
Among many professionals, these ideas about losing jobs to AI have been on the rise in modern times since the invention of the internet, and the advancement of robotics. If your job is to carry as many plates and cutlery as possible without dropping any, one or the other Boston Dynamics YouTube video of a humanoid machine, conveying itself and a gigantic load at inhuman speed, might give you pause.
You may feel the same way about ChatGPT. An AI that can articulate complex, cohesive ideas is a new blow to the professional insecurity and make one more fearful than ever that upper management might discover a way to replace one (after they figure out how to convert a document to a PDF that is).

Alas, in this article we will show you how to get ahead of the curve, and learn how to use ChatGPT to your advantage. In 10 easy applications you’ll see that far from being a menace to your job prospects, ChatGPT is as little a competitor as it is instead a valuable tool to add to your skillset, weather in the office or as a startup creator. But first and foremost:

ChatGPT: A disclaimer

Artificial intelligence is not magic, all-knowing, or even gifted with common sense in many instances. We definitely don’t recommend that you let important health, financial or similarly big decisions be made by ChatGPT, clever as it may be. In a few instances, even the information that it provides may be faulty, so use it with caution with subjects that you really know nothing about.
The information used by ChatGPT is a little delayed with its use of information, however. It contains only information up until September 2021.

That said, it is still an incredibly useful tool, and without further fearmongering, here we introduce you to what may hopefully be a future part of your work life:

1. No more doom-scrolling on Wikipedia

ChatGPT can easily collect and summarize information for you, which is especially useful when you want to answer very specific questions and are not in the mood to scroll, say, the Wikipedia page of all three Brontë sisters to figure out which one wrote that long story about an orphan girl that marries a Mr. Rochester (Its Charlotte).

2. Translation without the awkward mistakes

A native speaker would never use the embarrassing phrases suggested by google translate occasionally. It’s a very good thing then, that ChatGPT is a native speaker of so many popular languages, that it can bridge language barriers with ease. Definitely a good excuse to not do those Duolingo classes you’ve been meaning to do in 2023.

3. Creating databanks with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is proficient at organizing just about anything. Any disorderly databanks, especially for a new company just starting out can be sorted by the clever pattern recognition and organizational skill of ChatGPT.
In need of the information that is the content of those databanks? Just ask ChatGPT for it: “Can you give me a list of pizza delivery startups in my country?” “Here is a list:… – Looks like you might have some stiff competition there my friend.

4. Spice up your content

Are you ever at that stage in writing where the main frame is looking good, but the content just isn’t flowing the right way? Maybe after a few years in copywriting you got stuck using the same expressions and phrases over and over. But now, using the automatically generated example of text written by ChatGPT, your creativity might just be able to break through the dreaded writer’s block.

5. Fix your grammar

Googling every time whether its “youre”, “your” or “you’re” is a chore. You can just ask ChatGPT for the right spelling, and those dreaded re-reads of your work while trying to spot mistakes become a thing of the past. So can grammar errors, which unsurprisingly everyone is fallible to, including most spelling check software.

6. Chat with customers

Chatbots that use the technology can now answer frequently asked questions and provide effective customer service. This can help take some load of the call service or email assistants, who find themselves bombarded with FAQs more often than not. Internal affairs can similarly be posed to a bot, instead.

7. Knowledge Management

ChatGPT is useful for storing knowledge, knowhow and organizing information in such a fashion as to make it efficiently useful to employees, who can easily access it and learn from the comprehensive summaries.

8. A Personal Assistant

Ever been so overworked, you wished you had a PA? Chat GPT can be a personal assistant to remind you of deadlines, appointments, sort out your schedule efficiently and improve the way you manage your time. In combination with productivity tools such as Trello or Google Calendar, it works exceptionally well.

9. Analyzing data

Sometimes, you may find yourself presented with a lot of analytics and data that leave you scratching your head. Data is not always conclusive, or easy to interpret, especially as modern analytic practices encourage the collection of as much data as possible, and on any metric at all.
ChatGPT can be trained to analyze data and make predictions, which is useful especially in fields that require extremely accurate data.

10. Shooting the breeze

An artificial intelligence puts you in mind of an intimidating, inhuman and faceless entity, far superior and disinterested in whatever you’re up to. We suggest that you treat ChatGPT exactly like a friendly coworker that doesn’t have a lot on their plate at the moment: Get their opinion on many things, chat, ask as many clarifying questions as possible, and sometimes just enjoy their company and insight.

So instead of troublesome thoughts about losing jobs, being outdone, or looking into an unknown future, just find out for yourself! As many great capabilities as we have listed here, ChatGPT might be able to solve an issue in your daily work life that you yourself were hardly even aware existed. If you’d like to find out about more ways that AI can be useful to your startup, read about the potential and benefits here!

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