Cisco Amplifies 5G Capabilities, Partnering with TELUS for Intelligent Future

Cisco, the global technology leader, is pushing technological boundaries even further by helping global service providers monetize their infrastructure and by enhancing their 5G capabilities. Unveiling new partnerships and ground-breaking solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, the tech giant is clearly committed to paving the way for a future of connected possibilities. This was evident in their collaboration with the Canadian multinational telecommunications corporation, TELUS, and their effort to build a robust, unified ecosystem.

Cisco’s Partnership with TELUS for Connected Cars

Cisco has joined forces with TELUS to roll out new 5G capabilities, particularly focusing on IoT use cases for industry verticals, with connected cars grabbing the spotlight. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the driver experience and open new revenue streams for car manufacturers. An estimated 1.5 million 5G standalone cars are expected to be onboarded onto Cisco’s platform by TELUS over the coming years. This bold initiative shows the promising future of automobile industry with IoT and 5G.

Cisco Helping Partners Monetize Infrastructure

In a vision to provide seamless experiences to enterprise customers, Cisco is diligently working with global service provider partners like Airtel, AT&T, BT, and others. With a programmable, open, secure, and flexible approach, these partnerships aim to enable network and business frameworks that are symbiotic and effective. For instance, Cisco’s collaboration with du Telecom in the Middle East is intended to revolutionize the latter’s Security Operations Center into an advanced Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center. Additionally, partnerships like with BT focus on building a sustainable network for the future.

Showcasing Cisco’s Unified Ecosystem at MWC Barcelona

The recent MWC event in Barcelona was a platform for Cisco to showcase its vision of a unified ecosystem. With live demonstrations from partners like NTT DATA, Deloitte, Nokia, and others, Cisco affirmed the power of a comprehensive and collaborative ecosystem in tackling industry challenges. Through simplified, secure, and sustainable solutions, Cisco is driving technological innovation that can enable businesses to unlock new revenue streams and enhance operational efficiency.

A major takeaway from Cisco’s recent moves is its steadfast commitment to innovation and partnership. By helping service providers monetize their infrastructure, enhancing their 5G capabilities, and fostering a unified ecosystem, Cisco is effectively bridging the gap between digital and physical capabilities. Its efforts are helping businesses maximize their potential in a future filled with connected possibilities.

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