CisionOne: The Future of Media Intelligence Lands in U.S.

Today, we bring attention to the exciting U.S. launch of CisionOne, a ground-breaking media monitoring and outreach solution by the media intelligence giant Cision. Initially launched in the U.K, the product aims to revolutionize how communications professionals interact with the rapidly evolving media landscape.

The Innovation behind CisionOne Launch

CisionOne gives PR professionals real-time, comprehensive media insights, essential for making strategic decisions. Designed to match them with the right journalists and influencers to tell their story, this innovation reshapes traditional PR and communication workflows. Its power lies in Cision’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) models, which detect narratives impacting brands and reveal the underlying sentiment in public conversations.

Exclusive Access to Dow Jones Content with CisionOne

Further enhancing its value, CisionOne provides exclusive, unmatched access to paywalled Dow Jones content. This includes premium publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, and Dow Jones Newswires. The strategic partnership with Dow Jones sets a new industry standard, providing communicators with real-time access to key global media outlets accompanied by AI-driven insights.

Breaking Down the Features of CisionOne

CisionOne’s allure lies in its range of key features. Its Brand Risk Score instantly flags potential harmful media content such as hate speech, fake news, controversy, sarcasm, or spam. Then there’s the Narrative Tracking feature that consolidates social and earned media for a singular, strategical view of coverage and influencers shaping public opinion. Additional features include innovative outreach capabilities and comprehensive performance measurement solutions, simplifying campaign analytics and reporter outreach.

In conclusion, the launch of CisionOne in the U.S marks a significant milestone in the media intelligence and PR industry. This groundbreaking solution not only helps PR and comms professionals make data-driven decisions but also connects them with appropriate journalists and influencers to tell their brand stories. The integration of AI and exclusive access to prestigious Dow Jones content sets CisionOne as an unrivaled offering in the market, propelling communication strategies into the future.

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