Collibra Unveils AI Governance: Promising Safeguard in AI Adoption

In the competitive business landscape, companies are scrambling to leverage AI for their advantage. However, without proper governance and understanding of data, their AI efforts can lead to disastrous outcomes. Collibra, a data intelligence firm, has now introduced its Collibra AI Governance to address these concerns.

The Importance of Governing AI in Business

The utility of AI in business is no longer a point of debate. According to a recent IDC survey, 71% of companies are already using AI, with an additional 22% planning to adopt within the next year. However, managing AI without proper governance can lead to model bias, inaccuracies, legal complications, trust issues, and even regulatory fines. As such, AI governance is crucial to protect both the reputation of businesses and their bottom line.

Introducing Collibra AI Governance: A Solution for Trustworthy AI

Collibra AI Governance aims to provide a solid foundation for governing AI, promising a unified platform to automate work flows, processes, and policies. It seeks to align AI projects with the data that drives them, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring regulatory and legal compliance. This platform also facilitates transparency and provides essential monitoring functions across AI use-case lifecycle. Laura Sellers, the Chief Product Officer for Collibra stated, “Collibra AI Governance helps to eliminate the concerns of CIOs, CDOs, data leaders, and legal teams by providing a unified platform to govern AI.”

Collibra AI Governance and Its Impact on Enterprises

Collibra AI Governance aims to deliver more valuable, ethical, responsible, and compliant AI. This platform empowers businesses to easily define, document and manage AI use cases while connecting business context to the data that fuels AI. Furthermore, it provides visibility into the provenance and trustworthiness of data used to train models.

In conclusion, the introduction of Collibra AI Governance sets a promising precedent for businesses looking to drive value from AI while mitigating potential risks. By providing a robust platform for AI governance, Collibra is setting a new standard in the field and guiding enterprises towards the ethical and responsible use of AI.

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