Criminal IP’s Cutting-Edge AI Tech Secures Businesses Worldwide

AI Spera Inc.’s Criminal IP has developed and launched a cutting-edge service that uses artificial intelligence to provide cybersecurity for businesses worldwide by collecting and analyzing IP addresses from around the world. Criminal IP’s official service came to launch on April 17, 2023, after a successful one year beta test. The service provides users with the ability to search for information through four search options – Asset, Domain, Image, Exploit – using filters and tags.

Cutting-edge technology: AI-powered detection of cyber threats

The Criminal IP service is innovative technology using AI to detect cyber threats. It collects and analyzes IP addresses from around the world, providing businesses with the ability to take necessary precautions against cyber attacks. Users can customize their search options with the use of filters and tags, making it an efficient and effective system for companies of all sizes. The technology is reliable, validated by integrating with VirusTotal, Splunk, IP Location, Zabbix, and many more. Users attend the RSA Conference in San Francisco, from April 24, 2023, to experience Criminal IP’s service firsthand.

Flexible subscription plans for individual and corporate use

Criminal IP service is tailored for various uses, providing flexibility and convenience to its individual and corporate users. The official release of Criminal IP’s service is offered with three main plans: Lite for individual users, Medium for small-sized enterprises, and Pro for medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, there is the option to request a customized Enterprise plan with unlimited data access for large-sized enterprises and an Academic plan available at a discounted rate for academic institutions and research purposes. Moreover, Criminal IP offers a Free Membership plan, providing free credits every month upon sign-up.

Recognition and Expansion plans for Criminal IP

Criminal IP service has gained recognition from various global IT communities and platforms such as GitHub, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other forums. An innovative technology using AI to detect cyber threats, the platform is set to expand its current features in the near future. As part of this expansion, AI Spera will showcase Criminal IP ASM (Attack Surface Management), an automated SaaS solution that identifies, detects, and monitors all Internet-connected assets while assessing their vulnerabilities. Overall, Criminal Ip’s reasonably priced plans provide customized solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

In conclusion, Criminal IP’s innovative AI-powered technology provides efficient and effective cybersecurity solutions for businesses worldwide. With flexible subscription plans and various security features, Criminal IP offers customized solutions for all business types and sizes. Criminal IP has gained recognition and respect in the cybersecurity industry, and it will undoubtedly continue to develop and expand its features for businesses’ convenience and protection against cyber threats.

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