Databricks’ $1.3B MosaicML Acquisition Unlocks AI for All

Databricks, a leading Data and AI company, has announced its $1.3 billion acquisition of MosaicML, a generative AI platform. This merger will enable organizations to build, own, and secure their generative AI models using their own data, helping to democratize AI and expand capabilities for businesses worldwide.

Expanding AI Capabilities with MosaicML

MosaicML is known for its state-of-the-art MPT Large Language Models (LLMs), which have become increasingly popular with businesses due to their cost-effective and efficient model building capabilities. Clients such as AI2, Generally Intelligent, Hippocratic AI, Replit, and Scatter Labs have already embraced MosaicML’s platform for numerous generative AI use cases. Together with Databricks, the two companies aim to make AI more accessible, transparent, and widely adopted across different industries.

Faster, Cost-effective Model Training

The integration of MosaicML’s technology into the Databricks Lakehouse platform will provide a simpler and faster way for companies to retain control of their valuable data while reducing costs. MosaicML’s automatic optimization of model training speeds up the process by 2x-7x compared to standard approaches. This means that multi-billion-parameter models can be trained in just hours instead of days. The combined Databricks and MosaicML solution will significantly lower the costs of training and using LLMs, costing only thousands of dollars instead of millions.

Unified Platform for Generative AI

MosaicML’s team, including its leading research unit, will join Databricks post-acquisition. The company’s platform will be integrated into Databricks’ unified Data and AI platform, allowing customers to build, own, and secure their generative AI models with ease. By offering greater choice and flexibility, businesses will be able to create their own unique AI models and intellectual property, making their services more competitive and valuable in the market.

In summary, the acquisition of MosaicML by Databricks will create a unified platform that empowers organizations to develop their own generative AI models with increased efficiency and reduced costs. This collaboration heralds a new era of democratized AI, offering innovative solutions for a vast range of industries and use cases. The future of generative AI is set to flourish with the combined efforts of Databricks and MosaicML.

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