DEEP Robotics Unleashes Advanced Lite3 and X20 Robots at ICRA 2023

DEEP Robotics recently showcased their advanced bipedal and quadrupedal robots, Lite3 and X20, at the ICRA 2023 event in London. These robots represent the latest developments in mobility and modular functions.

DEEP Robotics Unveils Lite3 and X20 Robots

At the ICRA 2023 event, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), DEEP Robotics revealed their latest innovations: the Lite3 and X20 robots. Zhen Chu, Head of Algorithm Mobility at DEEP Robotics, expressed excitement for the Lite3’s advanced mobility and functionality, such as front flips and agility.

Lite3: Designed for Educational and Research Purposes

The Lite3 is specifically designed for educational and scientific research applications. Equipped with self-developed joints, control systems, and advanced algorithms deep in the cloud, Lite3 offers strong, agile, and durable motion capabilities. Its open modular structure and interface provide adaptability and scalability, allowing for the development of advanced perceptual abilities like autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and environmental reconstruction.

X20 Quadrupedal Robot’s Industrial Applications

Meanwhile, the X20 quadrupedal robot is part of the DEEP Robotics Jueying series and has already been deployed for industrial use. The X20’s applications include power inspections, emergency rescues, public safety inspections, tunnel and mining site inspections, and construction site exploration. In a trial covering 3,000 square meters, a team of five X20 robots showcased their potential by successfully completing autonomous collaborative searches in various unknown environments.

In summary, DEEP Robotics’ Lite3 and X20 robots represent significant advancements in the field of robotics, offering cutting-edge capabilities for various applications in education, research, and industry. As a global leader in quadruped robot technology, DEEP Robotics is committed to driving automation in high-risk, repetitive tasks to create a more efficient and intelligent future.


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