DEEPX Shines at World Economic Forum with AI Leap

In a groundbreaking moment for the AI industry, DEEPX, a leader in on-device AI chip technology, has been officially invited to the World Economic Forum. This marks a significant milestone, not just for DEEPX, but for the AI and semiconductor sectors globally, underscoring the essential role of innovative technology in shaping the future.

DEEPX’s Historic Invitation to the World Economic Forum

At the heart of this year’s World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, DEEPX stood out as the first AI semiconductor company to participate. The event, which brings together key players from various sectors including governments, businesses, and academia, focused on “The Next Frontier for Growth.” DEEPX CEO Lokwon Kim took this opportunity to share insights and strategies, positioning the company at the forefront of AI innovation.

Innovative Solutions for AI’s Energy Crisis

With AI’s growth, energy consumption has become a critical issue. DEEPX presented an innovative solution to this challenge, proposing an “energy trading system for AI computing.” This system allows entities with energy-efficient technologies to sell usage permits to those with higher consumption rates. Such a model not only incentivizes the reduction of power use but also encourages technological innovation, tackling two major problems of AI’s sustainability and efficiency.

Spearheading the AI Era: DEEPX’s Commitment

DEEPX’s involvement in the World Economic Forum is a testament to its commitment to advancing AI technology for the betterment of humanity. CEO Lokwon Kim’s vision of an AI-driven superintelligent civilization underscores the company’s dedication to leading this transformative period. Verena Kuhn, Head of Global Innovators at the World Economic Forum, praised DEEPX for its contributions to AI advancements and global initiatives, marking a significant step forward in the AI domain.

As the event concluded, the significance of DEEPX’s contributions was clear. Their approach not only offers solutions to current challenges but also paves the way for future generations. By emphasizing the need for energy efficiency and fostering technological innovation, DEEPZ is positioning itself as a key player in the creation of a sustainable, AI-integrated future. This commitment reinforces their role in the move towards an era where AI and human civilization advance hand in hand.

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