DFINITY Debuts European Subnet for Enhanced Decentralization

In an ambitious stride towards decentralized tech evolution, DFINITY Foundation has launched the first-ever European Subnet, set to revolutionize GDPR-compliant decentralized applications (dApps) within the EU. This innovative subnet combines nodes exclusively located in Europe on the Internet Computer network, further reinforcing full-stack decentralization.

DFINITY Unveils First Ever European Subnet

The advent of the ‘European Subnet’ marks the first geographically bounded subnet deployment on the Internet Computer. All nodes within the subnet are located within Europe, ensuring alignment with GDPR’s jurisdictional requirements for data processing and storage.

Highlights of European Subnet’s Features

This revolutionary breakthrough by DFINITY comes with distinct features that further enhance its viability:

  • State Privacy: The Internet Computer allows developers to keep either public or private data states, with private data being encrypted and accessed only by authorized parties.
  • Mutable Data: The platform supports data amendment and deletion in accordance with GDPR principles.
  • Full Data and Access Control: Developers have the leverage to manage user consent, preferences, and implement data protection policies.
  • Rigorous Vetting Network: Node providers undergo a scrutinizing vetting process before being voted in by token holders.

Upcoming Enhanced Security Features

DFINITY has two noteworthy features in the pipeline that will further fortify user data privacy and security:

  1. VetKeys: Currently under development, VetKeys will allow distributed decryption, meaning no single node will have the complete decryption key.
  2. AMD SEV-SNP: Expected to be operational in 2024, it is designed to secure the boundary node Virtual Machine (VM), preventing external threats and ensuring high data confidentiality.

With the launch of the EU-centric subnet, DFINITY has yet again proved its prowess in delivering cutting-edge tech solutions. The creation of a fully decentralized GDPR-compliant Internet Computer that enhances data privacy and security is a milestone in the world of web3. Undoubtedly, this launch will prove beneficial for millions of users in the EU and unfold boundless possibilities in the dApp development scene.

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