Dining Elevated: The Sophisticated DINERBOT T9 Pro Unveiled

Presenting the DINERBOT T9 Pro by KEENON Robotics, a state-of-the-art fusion of elegance and functionality designed to redefine the dining experience. This dining automation innovatively incorporates human-robot interaction, giving patrons an entirely new level of dining convenience and sophistication.

Introducing the DINERBOT T9 Pro: Redefining Dining Experience

The standout feature of the DINERBOT T9 Pro is its intelligent robotics which include scene recognition, smooth movement, and data optimization. The robot guides customers through a self-service process, aided by an 11.6-inch touchscreen display and clear voice prompts. In addition, it ensures a smooth dining experience with its autonomous departure post pick-up. It’s designed to handle any pick-up errors, notifying diners to rectify and retrieve the correct order, thereby creating a seamless dining experience.

Enhanced Safety Features in the DINERBOT T9 Pro Design

The DINERBOT T9 Pro has been crafted with advanced safety features foremost in mind. Its 3D vision is designed for obstacle detection, and it also comes with a shock-absorbing chassis. Added to this, it’s fitted with an optimized acceleration system for secure food delivery. The robot’s VSLAM intelligent positioning technology eliminates the need for labels or markings, allowing it to integrate into any decor without intrusions.

KEENON Robotics and Everybot Partnership Optimizes Technology for Korean Market

Notably, the DINERBOT T9 Pro’s technology has been optimized for the Korean market, thanks to a partnership with Everybot. Recognized for its world-first Robospin technology, Everybot is a market leader in robotic mops and commands the largest market share in Korea. The company’s AI convergence technology research also accelerates its research and development efforts. New solutions like the Gesture Recognition AI Call Function were unveiled at ROBOTWORLD 2023 – a feature that allows the robot to move when signalled. The robots can also be called using smartwatches, table bells, table orders and more.

In summary, the DINERBOT T9 Pro is a true game-changer in the world of dining. With its innovative design, enhanced safety features, and tailored market solutions, it epitomizes the future of automated dining. By bringing a diverse range of robot products to the market, KEENON Robotics further reinforces its commitment to innovation and creativity in various fields, including cleaning, medical, and industrial scenarios among others.

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