Dispersive Unleashes 10G Speeds with Innovative DispersiveCloud

Dispersive, a leading provider of secure networking solutions, has enhanced its flagship Dispersive Stealth Networking with the release of DispersiveCloud 10G. The new offering supports 10Gbps speeds, enabling organizations to securely connect digital applications and services across any network infrastructure at an unprecedented scale.

Introducing DispersiveCloud 10G: Next-Gen Secure Networking

DispersiveCloud 10G dynamically splits session-level IP traffic into smaller, individually encrypted packet streams. These streams journey through multiple channels in the cloud, offering enhanced security, reliability, and performance. Thanks to the integration of 10G support, clients can now utilize this innovative approach for high-bandwidth cases where the risk is at its peak. CEO of Dispersive, Rajiv Pimplaskar, dubbed the launch as a “massive milestone” for the company.

Transforming Network Security with DispersiveCloud

Traditional SD-WAN architectures struggle to deliver decentralized and secure solutions for large-scale frameworks, often burdening organizations with high costs and challenges. Conversely, DispersiveCloud empowers data centers to seamlessly connect their users globally without investing in outdated technology or deploying multiple products. By using Dispersive’s advanced technology, they can efficiently operate, enhance resilience, and focus on sustainability.

Dispersive’s Future Plans for Secure Platform Transformation

DispersiveCloud is perfect for service providers and large enterprises wanting to transform their network security. With 10G support, Dispersive can deliver its proven solution as an easily deployable physical appliance. Companies operating in sectors such as Communications, Infrastructure, and Transport can leverage this technology to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability for the digital era.

In conclusion, the launch of DispersiveCloud 10G aims to revolutionize the way companies view secure networking solutions. The new capacity for 10G speeds within Dispersive’s product allows organizations to securely connect digital applications across any network infrastructure. With an easy-to-deploy physical appliance, DispersiveCloud is set to become a beacon of transformative network security, providing a reliable and high-performance platform for the digital age.

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