DJI Unveils Breakthrough 3D Model Editing Tool, DJI Modify

Emerging as a game-changer in the world of creative camera technology, DJI has launched its first smart 3D model editing software, aptly named DJI Modify. Engineered as a complementary addition to its enterprise drones and 3D modeling software, DJI is transforming the operational landscape in surveying, transportation, and emergency response sectors.

Introduction of DJI’s Novel 3D Model Editing Software

Devised to streamline the complex process of model processing, DJI Modify is seen as the final piece to DJI’s enterprise solution puzzle. DJI Modify optimizes data collection, processing, and model editing, bringing the editing of live 3D models to a new realm of intelligence. The software will enhance the workflow of surveyors, transportation operators, and emergency response agencies.

Seamless Workflow Achievement with DJI Terra

DJI Modify embodies seamless integration with DJI’s modeling software, DJI Terra, efficiently catering to all stages of modeling to editing. With operation as simple as a single click, DJI Modify’s potential can be harnessed in any DJI Terra 3D modeling project. Much like Photoshop in the realm of photo editing, DJI Modify simplifies and makes the repair of 3D model defects smooth and efficient. Moreover, it currently caters exclusively to the repairs of models built by DJI Terra.

Availability and Pricing Details of DJI Modify

For those looking to adopt the software, DJI Modify is available for USD 1580 (tax-exclusive). For more information, DJI’s official website provides in-depth knowledge and details about the software, facilitating the perfect user experience.

To wrap up, the introduction of DJI Modify signifies a new era of intelligent 3D model editing. Seamlessly integrating with DJI Terra and available at a competitive price, DJI Modify is set to revolutionize the way model processing work is carried out. Its launch marks DJI’s continued commitment towards pushing the boundaries and empowering various sectors to improve their operations.

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