Dreame Technology Ignites Change with New Logo and Robotic Innovations

Dreame Technology, renowned for its smart home cleaning solutions, has announced a transformative new logo and mission, enhancing its commitment to technological innovation. This shift signifies Dreame’s intent to simplify lives and foster dream-chasing through technology.

Dreame Technology Unveils New Logo and Mission

The company’s fresh logo features a simple yet potent design, with a noticeable “smile curve” slicing through the letter A. The change goes hand in hand with the potent new slogan, “All Dreams in One Dreame”, emphasizing the brand’s intention to streamline customers’ lives with technological aid. This initiative allows customers to allocate more of their energy towards pursuing their aspirations and creating their ideal home space.

Innovative Application of High-Speed Motor Technology

Dreame Technology has pioneered a breakthrough in high-speed digital motor technology. Founded on the belief that “core technology is the root of everything,” the company’s high-speed digital motor now leads at a global level. Dreame’s expertise in high-speed motor technology has reached diverse lifestyle applications, including robotic vacuums, cordless vacuums, and personal care products. The brand’s range accommodates a multitude of housekeeping scenarios across multiple regions, making it easier for millions of households worldwide.

Dreame Technology: Diversifying the Robotics Industry

In addition to cleaning solutions, Dreame is venturing into the broader robotics field. In recent years, it has released products like the bionic quadrupedal robot dog and the intelligent food delivery robot. With the introduction of robotic pool cleaners, Dreame is expanding its footprint within the bustling robotics industry. CEO Hao YU reaffirmed Dreame’s commitment to applying robotics technology across various sectors, including home, business, healthcare, and transport, with the aim of allowing robotics to serve families and society deeply.

In summary, Dreame Technology, with its innovative application of high-speed motor technology and diversification into the rapidly growing field of robotics, continues to uphold its mission to simplify lives and foster aspiration through technology. The brand’s new logo and slogan reinforce this commitment, promising exciting advancements to come in its product portfolio.

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