Elevating the Future: KEENON Robotics Defies Limits

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of KEENON Robotics, a trailblazer in the realm of indoor unmanned commercial service robots. With a firm foothold in over 60 countries and an impressive product lineup, KEENON Robotics is undoubtedly soaring to new heights.

KEENON: Leading the Way in Commercial Service Robotics

Under the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO Mr. Tony Li, KEENON Robotics has been pushing the envelope in the domain of commercial service robots since 2010. The company takes pride in its deep-rooted passion for robotics, and the ‘KEENON’ brand stands tall as a symbol of their ardor. Its swiftly expanding global footprint spans more than 600 cities and it has earned robot certifications in 64 countries, thereby reinforcing its industry-leading position.

Introducing DINERBOT T10: A New Era of Robotics

The DINERBOT T10, spearheaded by CTO Mr. Tang Xuanlai, is proof of KEENON’s commitment to delivering top-tier tech to the world stage. This versatile bot is equipped with a myriad of features, including “efficient delivery,” “comprehensive sensor detection,” “multi-modal interaction,” and “effective advertising.” The T10’s advanced sensor fusion is optimized for various lighting conditions, ensuring accuracy. Its innovative movable head opens up new possibilities for voice interaction and its user-friendly cloud-based advertising system ensures a smooth experience for users.

KEENON’s Entry into the Cleaning Robot Market with KLEENBOT C30

Staying true to its commitment to diversify and innovate, KEENON announced its venture into the world of cleaning robots with the introduction of the KLEENBOT C30. The C30 stands out with its four cleaning functions and ability to cover a minimum cleaning area of 1500sqm on a full charge. It encapsulates KEENON’s vision to incorporate professionalism, portability, and cutting-edge technology in its products.

In conclusion, KEENON Robotics truly embodies what it means to be at the vanguard of robotics innovation. This celebration is not only a testament to their achievements but also a promise of a new chapter filled with groundbreaking innovations.

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