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Everise Breaks Ground with U.S. Microsite, Setting New Heights in Tech Workspace

Global customer service leader Everise has officially opened its first U.S. microsite, located in vibrant Orlando, Florida. The innovative workspace is poised to raise the bar on agile operations and client experience within the tech industry.

Everise Launches US Microsite in Orlando, Florida

Immersed in the dynamic heart of Orlando, Everise’s new microsite forms a central component of the company’s strategic move to optimize right-shoring operations. This will enhance the team’s capacity to respond promptly and practically to client requirements while tapping into local talent pools. The microsite, designed with growth in mind, is currently preparing to expand from its original 19,800 square feet to accommodate an expected workforce of over a thousand agents.

Innovative Workspace Design Supports Everise’s Vision

Everise’s microsite features modern and flexible workspace elements, including open collaboration spaces thriving with green, biophilic features, and an abundance of natural light. The layout encourages well-being and productivity among its workforce. Furthermore, the workspace has been engineered to be Work-At-Home compatible, underlining the company’s commitment to cater to the changing needs of today’s work environment.

Everise’s Pursuit of Excellence: A Glance at Achievements

Everise’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its impressive track record of success with high industry ratings and accolades including a 4.6-star rating on Glassdoor. Further evidencing their commitment to their workforce, Everise has been acknowledged as a Great Place To Work and a Most Loved Workplace by Newsweek, while also maintaining an exceptionally high Net Promoter Score of 70%.

In conclusion, through the opening of its first US microsite, Everise has taken another step forward in revolutionizing customer service. Their unique blend of subtle and significant changes – from agile operations and expanding local talent pools to promoting employee well-being – marks Everise as a critical player driving the future of work in the tech industry.

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