ExaSwitch: The Game-Changer in Network Interconnections

Lumen Technologies has announced the launch of their new network interconnection ecosystem, ExaSwitch™, developed in collaboration with Google and Microsoft. The innovative platform aims to provide an agile, on-demand solution for organizations requiring high bandwidth, allowing them to route their traffic dynamically between networks.

Introducing the ExaSwitch Ecosystem

The ExaSwitch ecosystem is designed to replace slow, legacy cross connects, making it easier for large network backbones to establish high-capacity optical links between metro sites. This offers an on-demand network connection for quickly deploying capacities across various data traffic exchanges. Initial participants of the ExaSwitch project include Lumen, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and another prominent cloud provider.

How ExaSwitch Works and Benefits

An ExaSwitch administrator installs optical hardware at each participant’s preferred location and participants connect via their chosen fiber source. When two participants agree to connect, they can do so quickly through self-provisioning, or an API portal managed by the administrator. This real-time capacity deployment allows for easy service modification and deletion. Key benefits of ExaSwitch include:

  • Faster connectivity setup between participants through a self-service portal.
  • 400G connection increments, consumed on-demand in 100G increments – each site capable of up to 25.6 Tbps of optical cross connects.
  • Cost-saving and diversity benefits by connecting edge sites, data centers, and central offices in major markets.

ExaSwitch Adoption and Expansion

The ExaSwitch platform is currently operational in three of the United States’ largest interconnection hubs – Chicago, Dallas, and Virginia. Lumen plans to expand the ecosystem to all major North American markets with large internet hubs. ISPs, cloud providers, large content providers, and enterprises interested in joining the growing ExaSwitch ecosystem can visit the official website for more information.

In conclusion, the ExaSwitch ecosystem offers a groundbreaking solution for organizations in need of high-bandwidth connections, enhancing connectivity and efficiency within the tech industry. With its innovative approach and strong collaborative ties, ExaSwitch’s rapid expansion and adoption could truly change the face of network interconnections.


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