Flexential Unveils L3VPN to Simplify Colocation-to-Cloud Connections

Flexential, a leading provider of colocation, cloud, connectivity, and data protection services, has announced an enhancement to its Interconnection Mesh solution with a new layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) multipoint service option. This addition simplifies colocation to cloud connections and is available across all markets, further empowering customers to scale their businesses without adding complexity.

Flexential Enhances Interconnection Mesh

The new L3VPN multipoint service option adds to Flexential’s robust Interconnection Mesh by connecting all customer environments over a routed connection, enabling highly secure encrypted connections. This enhancement resolves the complexities of layer 2 transport connectivity, a major obstacle in achieving large-scale deployments. With L3VPN, Flexential serves as a bridge between sites, eliminating the need for customers to orchestrate their own direct connections or hire additional network engineering staff.

L3VPN Multipoint Service Benefits

As customers increasingly adopt hybrid deployments involving both public and private clouds, they face challenges when connecting different networking technologies. The expansion of Interconnection Mesh to include a layer 3 transport option helps mitigate these difficulties while allowing for a controlled, scalable approach to connecting different workloads. Additionally, the L3VPN option is now available with Flexential’s Data Center Interconnect, rounding out the company‚Äôs portfolio of transport solutions.

Accelerating Customer Business Growth

By simplifying the process of interconnecting workloads, clouds, users, and partners, the new L3VPN multipoint service option makes it easier than ever for businesses to scale without complexity. This enhancement is part of Flexential’s ongoing commitment to grow its FlexAnywhere platform and follows the initial announcement of Interconnection Mesh last fall. The company also offers a range of interconnection solutions, including direct connections to leading cloud service providers through its Cloud Fabric service.

In conclusion, the new L3VPN multipoint service option from Flexential is a significant step in simplifying colocation to cloud connections. It not only solves the challenge of connecting different networking technologies but also accelerates customer business growth without adding complexity to their operations.

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