Getac Breakthrough: Advanced LiFi Technology Now Embedded in Rugged Devices

Getac, a global leader in rugged mobile technology, has achieved another milestone in its mission to provide innovative solutions. The company has successfully embedded LiFi Technology into its robust devices.

Introduction to Getac’s LiFi Innovation

As a pioneer in the tech industry, Getac has consistently led the way in embedding LiFi technology into rugged devices. Previous milestones include using external dongles for integration. But now, the team at Getac has fully embedded this groundbreaking technology into its devices. This achievement is another industry-first for the company, demonstrating a commitment to constant innovation.

Power of Partnership: Getac and Signify’s Collaboration

A key element of Getac’s initiative is its close partnership with Signify’s Trulifi technology. Signify is a global leader in lighting, and their collaboration aims to bring the game-changing benefits of LiFi technology to Getac’s customers. This joint effort is a testament to the progress resulting from collaborative industry efforts. Further details on the devices and their commercial availability will be announced in the future.

The Promising Future of Rugged LiFi Technology

LiFi technology, or Light Fidelity, employs light to transmit data as opposed to the radio frequency. This method presents many unique benefits, including reduced latency, enhanced privacy, security, and an overall superior quality of connection, especially in RF-denied environments. Coupled with the robustness of Getac’s solutions, this technology reveals a powerful array of possibilities for sectors involving challenging working conditions daily. As Getac’s EMEA Senior Director, Technology & Services, Amanda Ward, points out, this partnership with Signify opens opportunities for developing innovative rugged LiFi solutions that can revolutionize how many organisations operate and connect.

In conclusion, Getac’s initiative to fully embed LiFi Technology into its rugged devices, in collaboration with Signify, is a game-changer in the tech industry. The subsequent benefits, including enhanced latency, superior security, and improved connection quality, unlock a host of applications for industries operating in challenging circumstances daily. Stay tuned for future announcements detailing the devices themselves and their commercial availability.

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