GienTech Unleashes ORIGIEN: The Game-Changer in Digital Transformation

In a bid to drive global digital transformation, GienTech, a tech industry powerhouse, is launching ORIGIEN, its financial-grade digital platform, into the markets of Hong Kong and Singapore. This move ties in with the company’s existing presence in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. ORIGIEN is a comprehensive digital infrastructure solution, an exciting proposition for financial services, and other critical industries.

GienTech Launches ORIGIEN in Hong Kong and Singapore

GienTech announced this strategic move at a recent event, unveiling ORIGIEN to the overseas markets. Engineered amid the global shift to digital transformation and IT architecture migration, ORIGIEN is a tool developed from GienTech’s vast industry experience and practical work. It enables systematic IT upgrades and large-scale software development, crucial in driving digital transformation. William Wong, the General Manager of GienTech Overseas BFSI & Business Unit HK, expressed excitement regarding the product’s successful track record, notably in China’s mainland, and fondly anticipates empowering businesses in Hong Kong and overseas with ORIGIEN’s comprehensive suite of products and services.

Exploring ORIGIEN: The Three-Platform Financial-Grade Digital Infrastructure

ORIGIEN is designed around three core platforms — the Infrastructure Support Platform, the Data Construction Platform, and the Data Asset Platform. Each platform plays a key role in delivering digital transformation, data-driven initiatives, and digital innovation. Combined, these platforms facilitate seamless transitions and stable operation across various tech stacks and turn business data into valuable assets. Furthermore, the platforms make high tech standards adaptable for key industries like finance.

How ORIGIEN Empowers Enterprises and Accelerates Digital Transformation

ORIGIEN operates with a threefold mission. It aids the creation of enterprise-grade tech platforms integrating application systems to cater to the needs of digital transformation and business development. Secondly, it supports the build of distributed core systems boosting the flexibility and scalability of financial institutions. Lastly, it powers fast digital transformation based on cloud-native tech infrastructure, data-driven capacity, and the smart use of data assets. This approach ensures rapid delivery and launch of innovative applications, decidedly improving various domains of financial institutions.

In conclusion, GienTech’s ORIGIEN offers a robust digital infrastructure solution geared towards financial services and other crucial industries. With its strategic entry into the Hong Kong and Singapore markets, GienTech enhances its global footprint, carries forward its R&D innovation, and leverages its extensive talent pool. By integrating data governance practices and industry expertise, ORIGIEN paves the way for digital transformation, enabling businesses to keep pace with the dynamic digital era.

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