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Global Startup Grand Festival: Try Everything 2021

A quick resume of the article :
The City of Seoul held On/Offline Global Startup Grand Festival, Try Everything 2021, this September
More than 200 startup ecosystem experts and unicorns from 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom attended
Seoul startup ecosystem valued as 45.5 billion $, 16th in the world

1 Global Startup Grand Festival: Try Everything 2021

The three-day global startup festival ‘Try Everything 2021’, hosted by the City of Seoul and supervised by the Seoul Startup Hub, came to an end with great success. In order to continue the dynamic growing atmosphere of the startup ecosystem and to establish contact points with investors from all over the world, the City of Seoul has been holding “Try Everything” every year, a global startup festival where promising startups, investors and accelerators from all over the world gather together.

Try Everything 2021: Jump up! Scale up!

This year’s Try Everything held under the slogan of ‘Jump up! Scale up!’ and has expanded in scale compared to last year. Global startup experts from more than 15 countries, including about 500 global large corporations, VC, AC and startup specialized institutions participated. And a total of 91 scale-up and global startup-focused startup programs were operated.

In addition, since this event is a stage for startups, an online meet-up system was operated so that investment discussions between startups and investors could be held at all times, and about 2,000 meetups were completed. The main event was held both online and offline from the 15th to the 17th, and related information can be checked through the official website and YouTube (Try Everything 2021). 

2 Global Startup Grand Festival: Try Everything 2021

The difficulties of the ordinary people are continuing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We should not be pessimistic, and in times like these, we need to invest more resources daringly. In particular, we should pay more attention to the non-face-to-face IT industry that grafts big data and fintech. Seoul aims to become a TOP 5 global startup city. We will present our vision to the world as a leader, not a follower. We will make it a startup city that can be a springboard for startups and a growth platform.

Seoul Mayor Sehoon Oh

Meanwhile, with the goal of making Seoul a world-class startup city, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has invested heavily in the creation of technology startup infrastructure, nurturing technical talent, investment by growth stage, and global network construction. As a result, remarkable achievements are being made in investment attraction, technology startup, corporate incubation, and job creation. In addition, ‘Startup Genome’, a global startup ecosystem research institute in the United States, evaluated the value of Seoul’s startup ecosystem as 54 trillion KRW this year and selecting it as a global ‘TOP 16’ startup city, and has been receiving positive evaluations from domestic market and abroad for Seoul’s active startup support policies.

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