GoDaddy Supercharges Small Business Growth with GenAI Boost

In a bid to offer enhanced support to small businesses, GoDaddy has expanded its already-popular Generative AI (GenAI) Prompt Library. This expansion seeks to equip small businesses with the requisite tools to surge ahead in their respective industries.

GoDaddy Bolsters Small Business Support with GenAI

GoDaddy is not new to supporting small businesses. This time, however, the spotlight is on its GenAI Prompt Library. Launched last year, the library now offers access to over 185 prompts plus fresh capabilities. These resources are aimed at accelerating growth and fostering success among small business owners. This conveniently eliminates the challenges small businesses experience trying to leverage GenAI. Eugine Ware, a director at GoDaddy, attests to the efficiency of the GenAI Prompt Library in aiding business owners.

Exciting New Features on GoDaddy’s GenAI Prompt Library

Accompanying the expansion are additional features within the library. Among the most exciting ones is clip-to-copy, which simplifies the transfer of an AI prompt to a chatbot. Another addition to the free library is the updated prompts. With this, when a prompt is copied onto a GenAI chatbot, it engages the user with questions related to their business specifics for better output. GoDaddy has also added 43 new prompts across new categories such as Ad campaigns, Data analysis, Branding, Loyalty, and PR and outreach. This depth and variety further solidify GoDaddy’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of every entrepreneur.

GoDaddy’s International Expansion of GenAI Prompt Library

GoDaddy’s commitment to small businesses extends beyond U.S. borders as it expands the Library’s reach. With new Spanish-language libraries in Mexico, Colombia, and Spain, and a Portuguese library in Brazil, more entrepreneurs can better scale their businesses using GoDaddy’s Small Business GenAI Prompt Library.

Conclusively, GoDaddy’s expansion of its GenAI Prompt Library is a significant step forward in the tech world. This synergizes its commitment to small businesses by providing them with the tools needed to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Given the positive feedback from GenAI enthusiasts and the added features, we can expect continual enhancements to the library. Hence, it is safe to say that with GoDaddy, the future of small businesses looks promising.

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