Grundfos Drives Sustainability with Smart Pump Launch in Vietnam

In a move underscoring its commitment to sustainable and smart technology advancement, Grundfos, a world leader in advanced pump solutions and water technologies, has introduced a new range of highly efficient pumps in Vietnam. Designed to help meet the nation’s ambitious urbanization goals and manage climate change impacts, the company’s innovative NK and NKE pump series combine exceptional energy efficiency with cutting-edge smart technology.

Grundfos Launches Efficient Pump Ranges in Vietnam

Launched against the backdrop of Vietnam’s rapid urbanization and its effort to curb increasing carbon emissions, the newly-introduced NK and NKE range of pumps by Grundfos boast industry-leading energy efficiency, exceeding all current regulatory requirements. The launch underlines Grundfos’ proprietary blend of established pump solutions expertise and its commitment to driving sustainable development in Vietnam. The multi-purpose NK and NKE pumps are capable of supporting a variety of applications, including heating and cooling in commercial buildings. With improved construction and smart technology, these offerings will significantly contribute to energy conservation and sustainability in Vietnam’s growing urban landscape.

Advanced Features and Intelligent Monitoring for Sustainability

The new NK range showcases smart technological features, delivering unprecedented control and efficiency, even operating to the highest IE5 efficiency. The pumps integrate a permanent magnet motor with a variable frequency drive and a built-in sensor. This combination encourages water pressure and flow adjustment, ensuring optimal conditions round the clock, without the need for external controllers. The standout product of the range, the premium NKE, features built-in cloud connectivity and digitization capabilities for remote monitoring and access, offering users intelligent control anywhere, any time. The accompanying Grundfos GO REMOTE app further streamlines water usage management, pump diagnostics, and reporting, adding to the operational efficiency of the pumps.

Commitment to Sustainability and Future Urbanization

Grundfos’ pioneering efforts in innovating energy-efficient pump solutions embody its stance towards sustainable development and urban future readiness. These new pump solutions, specifically designed to align with Vietnam’s smart city objectives, also demonstrate the company’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The new offerings, coupled with local support services, aim to reduce operating costs, drive down carbon emissions, and more importantly, help drive the nation’s vision of a sustainable, intelligent urban future.

In conclusion, with the introduction of the energy-efficient, smart-tech NK and NKE pump solutions, Grundfos has powered forward in its endeavour to bolster sustainable development, tackling climate change, and supporting rapid urbanization. As Vietnam strides towards improved living conditions and a resilient urban infrastructure, Grundfos’ new offerings stand as a testament to the immense potential of intelligent, sustainable technology.

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