Gyeonggi-do Online Meet-Up Ends Successfully – France x Pangyo

Gyeonggi-do held an Online Meet-Up with France. This event is designed to promote the value of Pangyo Techno Valley and the current status of Businesses on June 29th.

More details on the Gyeonggi-do online meet-up

The Gyeonggi-do Online Meet Up is one of the promotion projects of Pangyo Techno Valley. Here, the participants share major issues that the businesses face with startup clusters around the world every month.

Talking to Le Café Du Geek” – a French media outlet for start-ups, Gyeonggi-do shared the current status of “Station-F” on the day of the event. Station-F is the world’s largest incubator for businesses. They further talked about the current support projects to nurture fledgling businesses.

Who’s Who of the Gyeonggi-do online event

Alex was the moderator of Pangyo Techno Valley. Firstly, He talked about the accomplishments of Pangyo Techno Valley and Station-F with Leo, CEO of the French Tech startup media outlet. Later on, they discussed the performance of other major companies as well.

Gyeonggi do Gyeonggi-do Online Meet-Up Ends Successfully - France x Pangyo

Lim Moon-young, director of the Gyeonggi-do Future Growth Policy also took part in the meeting. He explained the role of the Gyeonggi-do to help Pangyo drive innovation. The director further talked about problems faced by businesses in Pangyo and Station F due to Covid-19 and their efforts to tackle them. He further added that the biological technology in Pangyo Techno Valley has stood out since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

I am looking to this online meet-up serving as an opportunity to promote the value of Pangyo Techno Valley and top companies to countries around the world. Gyeonggi-do is carrying out various activities to promote companies in Pangyo overseas. I hope Pangyo Techno Valley’s YouTube channel and website can become a great marketing tool.

Lim Monn-young, Director of Gyeonggi-do Future Growth Policy

Future Plans

Sharing the issues with France has been a great beginning. Now, Gyeonggi-do is planning to share information about startups with Junggwang village. It is a Chinese version of Silicon Valley. The next online meet-up is on July 27th. The video of the online meet-up can be checked on the YouTube channel Pangyo Techno Valley.

Key Take-aways from the Meet-Up

  • Gyeonggi-do explained the major issues businesses face with startups all over the world.
  • Participants exchanged opinions regarding Station-F. It is an incubator for fledgling businesses.
  • The performance of other major companies was also discussed.
  • They talked about how Gyeonggi-do Future Growth Policy made efforts to tackle the crisis brought onto the businesses by Covid-19.
  • Stating with Station F, Gyeonggi-do plans to interact with Junggwang village – the Chinese version of Silicon Valley.

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