HANYUN OS 2023: Ushering a New Era in Industrial Internet

XCMG HANYUN, the revolutionary industrial internet platform, steps into a new era with its upgraded lightweight OS. Developed to digitally transform various industrial sectors, it stands as a stalwart ally for 70,000 users across 80 countries.

Introduction to XCMG HANYUN’s Industrial Internet Platform

The XCMG HANYUN platform’s innovative design integrates industrial big data. In turn, this shifts production, service, and business model paradigms. In the heart of its OS, six core technologies are seamlessly incorporated, including embedded edge computing, production process simulation, big data mining, low-code technology, digital twin, and AI. This innovative array of technologies delivers a user-friendly platform promoting industry-wide transformation.

Key Upgrades of HANYUN OS 2023 and their Impact

The newly launched HANYUN OS 2023 is more than just an upgrade. It offers enhanced features in three prime areas – the HANYUN Industrial Internet, HANYUN Digital Thread, and HANYUN Digital Twin. In addition, it marks a fresh chapter for XCMG HANYUN’s role in the industrial internet realm. Zhang Qiliang, CEO of XCMG HANYUN, confidently emphasized the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation to fuel success.

XCMG HANYUN’s Vision for the Future of Industrial Internet

Underscoring the brand’s forward-thinking vision, Zhang added that XCMG HANYUN is concentrating on groundbreaking innovations. The aim is to chaperone the symbiotic evolution of the digital economy and the physical economy. Balancing this fine act is deemed fundamental to driving forth new phase industrialization and digital transformation.

In summary, XCMG HANYUN’s 2023 OS stands as a beacon of innovation in the industrial internet. The platform’s powerful integrations and forward-thinking vision propel it to the forefront of industry transformation. It remains to be seen how these upgrades will influence XCMG HANYUN’s future trajectory, but the scene is set for a new era of integrated digital capabilities.

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