Harmonic Ups the Ante with High-Speed Pier OLT Shelf Launch

Harmonic, a renowned provider of virtualized broadband and video delivery solutions, has rolled out its new high-density Pier Optical Line Terminal (OLT) shelf. This innovation is engineered to meet the increasing demand for high-speed 10G connectivity.

Harmonic Unveils High-Density Pier OLT Shelf

As part of Harmonic’s cOS™ broadband platform, the Pier OLT shelf extends downlink reach up to 60 km. It simplifies the deployment of outdoor access networks. Considering its high density in a temperature-hardened device, service providers can utilize Pier OLT to broaden the serviceable area for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband. Furthermore, it helps in reducing building infrastructure requirements thereby accelerating product time-to-market.

Transforming Broadband Service with Pier OLT Shelf

The Pier OLT shelf supports both indoor data centers and outdoor cabinets, manifesting unprecedented versatility, performance, and reliability. The shelf can accommodate up to 32 XGS PON, 16 Combo PON, or 32 GPON service groups per rack unit. It offers service providers the ability to adapt and respond to a diverse range of market and subscriber needs. The Pier OLT shelf bolsters the service providers’ capacity to deliver high-speed FTTH without the need for a local building or facility.

Harmonic’s Market-Leading Virtualized Broadband Core

Harmonic’s Emmy Award-winning virtualized broadband core empowers the Pier OLT shelf, offering critical real-time insight into system performance. It supports evolutionary pathways from GPON to XGS-PON and can function with operator-selected third-party ONU and ONT customer premises equipment (CPE). Harmonic’s market-leading virtualized broadband core is currently serving over 21 million cable modems globally, for over 100 innovative service providers including top operators in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

In a nutshell, Harmonic’s launch of its high-density Pier OLT shelf signifies a major leap in high-speed connectivity solutions. The technology’s versatility and operational adaptability offer broadband service providers practical options to evolve their service deliverance and reduce infrastructure requirements. Harmonic continues to stand at the forefront of virtualized broadband technology, empowering service providers worldwide.

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